Irene Aftermath: Where Dominion crews are working Thursday

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – On Thursday, power crews will continue to work to restore electricity around the state.

Below, we've posted a list of locations Dominion Virginia Power hopes to restore power to by the end of the workday Wednesday.

Richmond/Tri-Cities // Dominion Virginia Power Worklist for Thursday, September 1:


Ashcake Rd. and Creek Wood Tr.

James St.

Maple Ln. South of Rt. 657

Rt 666 South of Rt. 54

Stumpy Rd. & Black Telegraph Rd.

Rt. 1 North of Jamestown Rd.


Halifax Rd West of Star Hwy.


Bermuda Hundred Rd Near Enon Church Rd.

Bermuda Orchard Ln South of Okuma Dr.

Carver Heights Blvd at Branders Bridge Rd.

E Hundred Rd

Ecoff Ave

Old Bermuda Hundred East of Ramblewood Rd.

Point of Rocks Rd West of I-295

Enon Church Rd

W Hundred Rd

Ware Bottom Spring Rd


Fairpines Rd. at Jessup Rd.

Beach Rd West of Winterpock Rd.

Clover Ridge Ln

Hancock Village St

Qualla Rd

River Rd West of Walkers Quarters Rd.

Qualla Rd. at Spring Rrd.

Woodpecker Rd

Winterpock Rd South of Ranger Rd.

Colonial Heights

Archer Ave

Ashby Ave at Boulevard


Conduit Rd Between Hermitage and Riveroaks Dr.

Covington Rd at Conduit Rd.

Dupuy Ave

E Westover Ave at Conduit Rd

Floral Ave

Glenview Ave at W. Ellerslie Ave.

Lynchburg Ave

Roslyn Ave

Royal Oak Ave

Ruffin Mill Rd Near Spring Valley Rd.

Washington Ave


Allentown Rd

Cardwell Rd

Covington Rd

Cox Town Dr

Rt. 6 East of Rt. 628

Sheppard Town Rd.


Boydton Plank Rd.

Dinwiddie Substation


Arwood Rd.

East Richmond

New Kent Hwy

Birch Ln. off Colony Dr.

Buffin Rd North of Kingsland Rd.

Buffin Rd. South of Rt. 5

Burnside Dr. off Rt. 651

Charles City Rd West of Popular Springs Rd.

Charleston Rd.

Cold Harbor Rd East of Haynes Dr.

Deep Bottom Rd

Elko Rd South of Elko Tract Rd.

Hanover Rd South of N. Washington St.

Hanover Rd North of Graves Rd.

Old Church Rd and Flannigans Mill Rd

Jennings Rd. at Nine Mile Rd.

Lammrich Rd

Laurel Ove Est

Linderwood Dr. North of Winterham Point

Marlboro Rd. North of New Ashcake Rd.

McClellan Rd South of Old Church Rd

Rose Ann Ln. and Hanover Rd.

Rt. 156 and Rt. 718

Osborne Tpk & Battery Hill Rd.

Osborne Tpk North of Kingsland Rd

Osborne Tpk South of Battery Hill Rd

Quinton Rd North of New Kent Hwy.

Rt. 5 West of Greenway Rd

Rt 60 East of Forest Rd

Rt 619 at Cold Harbor Estates

Rt 619 East of Rt 628

Rt 645 & Rt 615

Rt 645 North of Rt 615

Rural Point Rd Near Pine Slash Rd

S Laburnum Ave

Sharon Rd & Washington St.

Strath Rd & Lammrich Rd.

Strath Rd North of Yarnell Rd.

Strath Rd S/O Rt 5 North of

Brandy Creek Dr

Dana St

Fire Ln. & Pollard Creek Rd.

Kinvan Rd

Linderwood Dr & Craigwood Cr.

Pollard Creek Rd & Fire Ln.

Powhite Farm Dr

Rockhill Rd & Cohart Lane

S Holly Ave

Tyndall Drive

Walnut Grove Rd at Creighton Pkwy

Warriner Rd

Walker Rd

Warner Rd South of Charles City Rd

Craney Island Rd Near I-295

Willis Church Rd South of Darbytown Rd

Wychwood Dr at New Ashcake Rd

Glen Allen

Bacova Dr


Dogtown Rd

Rt 600 North of Rt 627

Tuckahoe Creek Pkwy


Cadys Mill Rd North of Cadys Ln

Cady'S Mill Rd at Rt. 657

Cady Mill Rd Near Rt. 301

Waldens Pond at Owl Ln.


Michael Rd at Westbury

Highland Spgs

Daisy Ave & Nine Mile Rd

Ivy Ave & Washington St

N Washington St

S. Oak Ave. at Nine Mile Rd.

Cedar Ave. and E. Nine Mile Rd

Washington St East of Mullins


atwater Rd

Cloverdale Ave

Hummel Ross Rd

N 12Th Ave

Pickett St. & & Moultrie Ave.

S. Colonial Dr

Station St.


Doodlum Rd and Purdy Rd


Sabot Station Rd


Broad Street Rd

Dog Gone Rd

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City / County Work Locations

River Rd W

Rt 6 West of River Cliff Dr.

Rt 6 West of Tanglewood

Manakin Sabot

Shallow Well Rd North of Northfield Rd

Broad Street Rd

Circle Dr

Dover Bluff Cir

Dover Bluff Pl

Edgehill Wood Dr

Elm Creek Dr

Meadows West of Hermitage Rd.

Gaines Thrifty Ln and Hermitage Rd.

Ice House Ct

Manakin Rd

Meadow Ridge Pkwy

Paula Ln

Proffitt Rd

Rt 250 Between Rt 612 & Rt 621

Rt 6 at Rt 623

Rt 6 at Willway Dr

Rt 641

Shallow Well Rd

Wheatlands Dr

Willway Dr

Woodson Pl

Mc Kenney

Westover at Rt. 1


Creekside Village Dr

Aaroe Dr

Camille Rd South of Powhite Dr.

Chamberlayne Ave at Rural Point Rd.

Craigwood Cir

Craney Island Rd

Cudlipp Ave

Dickey Dr

Gaines Mill Cir

Gerry Ct

Hanover Green Dr

Happy Hill Ln

Harvey Hollow Dr at Westwood Rd

Dunwoody Rd off Woodbridge Rd

Ivanhoe Dr at Georgetown Rd

Jeans Grove Ln

Mechanicsville Tpk East of Brandy Creek Dr

Mechanicsville Tpke at Westhaven Dr

Midnight Dr

N Mayfield Ln

New Ashcake Rd

Odey Dr

Camile Dr S/O Powhite Dr.

Rt 360 at Meadow Dr

Princess Anne Dr at Barnett Rd.

Rockhill Rd and Twin Girls Ln.

Rt 301 North of Lawhorns

Rt 360 East of Lexington

Rt 606 at Jones Sawmill

Rt 606 North of Rt 360

Shady Grove Rd North of Arnoka Rd

Signal Hill Rd West of atlee Rd

Thyme Dr

Polegreen Rd West of Eaves Way

West of atlee Rd. Nw/O Rt. 1127

Walnut Grove Rd & Peach Orchard La.

Wedgewood Rd

West Hill Baptist Church

Whitlocks Farm Rd North of Walnut Grove Rd


Genito Rd

49Th St at Reeds Ave

Ardendale Rd

Ashburn Rd

Avignon Dr

Basin Substation off Deepwater Terminal Road

Brading Ln

Breezewood Ct

Broad Rock Blvd & Cooks

Buford Rd

Cherokee Rd and Wakefield Rd

Cherokee Rd West of Southa

Cogbill at Robinwood

Cromwell Rd

Fellsway Rd

Forest Row Trail

Forest Hill Ave North of 45Th St.

Harbourwood Rd

Hopkins North of Monza Dr

Hull Street Rd North of Mockingbird La

Chellowe Rd

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City / County Work Locations

Custis Rd and Kenmore Rd

Grandview Dr.

Bon View Dr

Kenmore Rd at Kenmore Cr.

Southampton Rd at Butte Rd.

Jahnke at Sylvan Rd.

Jahnke Rd at Railroad

Kenmore Rd North of Ardenda

King Lynn Rd

Labrook Dr

Leicester Rd

Manakintown Ferry Rd

Mark Rd

Mt Herman Rd

Spring Rrd

Blake Rd

Falstone Dr

Granite Hall Ave

Midlothian Tpk at E 32 St

Prince Arthur Rd

Norwood Pond Ln

Old Grd North of Rams View Rd

Old Grd East S/O Arsenal Dr.

Old Hundred Rd S/O Mt Herman Rd

Old Zion Rd & Canute Rd.

Orlando at Leake

Port Side Dr

Rockport Landing Pl

Sailboat Cir

Sika Ln

Spinnaker Cove Rd

Spring Rand Hensley

Stonewall Ave North of Springhill Ave

Sylvan Rd at of Prince Arthur Rd

Turner S/O Jessup

Ashburn Rd and Woodmount Dr

Eppington Rd

Harbor Point Rd

Harbour Pointe Pkwy

Huguenot Trl East of Venita Rd

New Kent Rd

Robert Bruce Dr

Hopkins Rd at Corbridge Rd

Waldor Dr

Walmsley Blvd at Angus Rd

Whittington Rd

Velvet Antler Pl

Vial Rd and Rusk Ave

Walmsley at Caldwell

Walmsley Blvd East of Castlewood Rd

Winslow Rd

Woodbine Rd


Genito Rd

Mt Herman Rd

N Chesterfld

Reams Rd

Aldwell Dr

Bayfield Dr East of Mayflower Dr

Bayliss Dr

Buford Rd North of Jahnke Rd

Cogbill Rd at Kay Drive

Courthouse Rd at Keithwood Pkwy

Dalebrook Rd and S Beulah Rd

Dorius Dr

Dundas Rd

Forkland Dr & Williamsdale Dr

General Blvd

Goolsby Ave

Jahnke Rd and N Bon View

Iredell Rd West of Fillmore Rd

Ironbridge Rd at Irongate Dr

Jalee Dr

Lamplighter Ct

Manuel Ct

Meadowdale Blvd

Midlothian Tpke

Omo Rd

Phobus Ct

Providence Rd S/O Provinceto

Reams Rd & Rosegill Rd

Reams Rd East of Walkerton Rd

Ruthers Rd

Robert Bruce and Rai

Scherer Dr and Sherbrook Ct

Thierry St

Hopkins Rd S/O Kingsland Rd

Redington Ct

Williamsdale Dr

Yarmouth Dr


3Rd Ave

Accomack St

Allen Ave

Allied Rd

Beauregard Ave

Beaver Castle Rd

Bermuda Orchard Ln

Birdsong Rd

Bishop St

Boothe Rd

Boydton Plank Rd

Branders Bridge Rd

Buckner St

Centralia Substation On Chester Rd

City Point Rd & S 12Th Ave

Claremont St

Colston St

Columbia Rd

Comans Well Rd

Concord Sapony Rd

Dalebrook Dr East of S Beulah Rd

E Beauregard Ave

E Hundred Rd

Elko Rd

Fleetwood Ave

General Mahone Hwy

Harrowgate Rd

Hazelhurst St

Hollyhill Dr

Huske Rd

Oaklawn Blvd.

Jerusalem Plank Rd

Johnson Rd

Jones Rd

Locks Sub

Loyal Ave

Meadowdale Blvd

Heritage Rd

Old Stage Rd

Parkdale Rd

Pine Tree Rd

River Rd

Rives Rd

Roslyn Rd

Royal Oak Ave

Rt. 10 W. of Harbor Ea Rd

Ruffin Mill Rd

Ruffin Rd

S Crater Rd

South Blvd

St andrews & McKeever St.

Sussex Dr

Taswell Ave

Temple Dr

Tyler Substation

Claiborne Rd and Us 460

Beauregard Ave

Branders Bridge Rd

Chestnut Ridge Rd

Courthouse Rd

Dupuy Rd

Inge Rd

Ironbridge Rd

Matoaca Rd

Roslyn Rd

South Blvd

Bermuda Hundred Rd

Webster St

Woodpecker Rd

W Hundred Rd

W Main St

Walkers Mill Rd

Walnut Dr

Walnut Hill Sub

Warren Ave

Warren St

Westover Ave

Woodpecker Rd


Kiowa Dr

Old Buckingham Rd

Old Church Rd

Page Rd

Provdence Frg

Courthouse Rd


Rt 674 West of Rt 249

Pocahontas Trail

White Oak Rd


216 Paxton Rd

3Rd Ave

Academy Rd

Austin Ave

Avalon Dr

Welwyn Rd

Barnesway Ln

Berkshire St

Bethlehem Rd

Bisley Ct

Blakemore Rd S/O Westower Dr

Bliley Rd and Netherwood Rd

Boxwood at Woodman Rd

Boxwood Rd East of Rocky Branch Rd

Brawner Dr


Brookside Blvd

Brown Rd

Buford Rd North of Bannon Rd

Buford Rd S/O Lake Shore Dr.

Byswick Ln

Caldwell Ave

Canterbury Rd

Carolina Ave

Cary Street Rd

Cedar Ln

Cedarbrooke Ln

Chalfont Dr

Chardon Rd

Charles City Rd

Charles St

Charles St. at Grace St

Charles St. North of Edmons

Charles St. North of Patter

Cherokee Rd

Chowning Cir

Chowning Rd

Clauson Rd

Clovelly Rd

Coalport Rd

Dan St

Decatur St

Derbyshire Rd

Desota Dr

Devon Rd East of Horsepen Rd.

Devonshire Rd

Dill Rd

Dilton Ct

Dirk Dr

Dorset Ave

Dover Rd East of Oxford Circle

Drovin Dr

Durwood Dr.

E. Eanes Ln

E German School Rd

E Hillcrest Ave

E Main St

Three Chopt Rd

Windsor Way

East Brook Dr

Edmonstone Ave

Elkhardt Rd

Elkridge La and Walnut St

Glenway Dr

Fairfax Ave

Forest Hill Ave

Fortune Rd

Front St at 2Nd Ave

Gaskins Rd

Gayton Bluffs Ln

Gayton Rd East of andover

Genito Rd

Grantwood Rd

Greenwood Rd

Greystone Ave at Deloak Ave

Grove West of Maxwell

Gun Club Rd

Gunby Dr

Harrods La and Carnby Ct

Harvie Rd and Byron St

Harvie Rd and Howard Rd

Hastings Dr

Hermitage West of Gibraltar

Herndon at River Rd

Hickory Rd

Hill Dr.North of Kenmore

Hillcrest Ave

Hillcrest Rd

Hillwood North of Kenmore

Holly Hill Rd

Hood Dr

Hopkins and Clydewood

Hopkins South of Autumn Lane

Horsepen Rd

Cherokee Rd and Southamp

Forest Hill Ave and Wood

Jahnke Rd and Belleau Rd

Jahnke Rd and Borough Br

Ironbridge Rd

Jahnke Rd East of Forest View Sc

Jahnke Rd West of Blandy Ave

Jefferson Davis Hwy

Kenmore Rd S/O Ardendale Rd

Kent St

Kilmarnock Dr


Kinvan Rd

Lab West of Plymouth

Laburnum Ave

Lampworth Pl

Lancaster Rd

Leicester Rd

Leopold Cir

Limerick Dr

Loch Lomond Ct

Lomas Ct

Lorraine Station Rd

Loxley Rd S/O Westwood.

Lyndonway Dr

Lynhaven Ave

Marston Ln

Maybeury Dr

Miller St.

Milton St

Montrose Ave

Myrtle St. at 3Rd Ave.

Franklin St

Gayton Rd



Monument Ave

Sierra Rd.

Tolman Rd

Bicknell Rd

Evansway La

Kinsley Ave

Shadyhurst Dr

Woodberry Rd

Nantucket Ct

Nelson Ave at University

New Kent Ave

New Kent Rd

Newbridge Cir

North Ave at Seminary Ave

Norwick Rd East of Moreland Rd

Oakcroft Rd

Old Westham Rd

Old Zion Hill Rd

Osborne Tpk

Oxnard Rd

Parham Rd

Parham Rd North of Spalding Dr

Parma Rd

Patterson Ave

Patterson Ave at Blair Rd

Patterson Ave Between Bevridge & Pine Ave

Patterson Ave West of Westbriar Dr

Patterson West of Parham

Pensacola Ave East of Florida

Pepper North of Patterson

Pilots Ln & Westcliffe

Pilots Ln at Richmond Henrico Trnpke

Pilots South of Laburnum

Portland Pl

Sulgrave Rd

Premier Dr

Prestwick Rd

Quail Ln North of Patterson

Queen Charlotte Rd

Quiocassin at Premeire Dr

Quiocassin Rd at Shane Rd

Quioccasin Ct

Van Divers Rd

Ridge North of Patterson

Ridge Top Rd

Ridgeley Ln

Rio Grande Rd

Ridgeway Rd

River Rd

Riverwood East of Sleepy Hollow

Rockfalls Dr South of Menokin Rd

Rolando Dr

Roselawn at Three Chopt

Roselawn Rd

Roselawn West of Ridgeway

Rt 250 Between Rt 617 & Rt 632

Rt 6 at Rt 628

Rt 6 at Tanglewood

Rt 6 West of Riverclift

Rt 623 South of Rt 668

Rt 639

Rt 641 at Meadowview Farm

Rt 654 at Barnstable Farm

Rutherford Rd

Ruthers Rd

South Midview Rd

Cary St East of Ampthill

Patterson East of Ripley Ave

Rio Grande East of Sleepy Hollow


Santa Clara Dr

Santa Clara North of Sierra

Shaw Ln

Shelley Rd

Shelly Rd at Sawmill Rd

Shirley Rd North of Cherokee Rd

Sierra Rd

Skipwith Rd

Skipwith South of Hungary Srings

Skipwith Souht of Scharf

Sleepy Hollow North of Irving Ln

Sleepy Hollow Rd

Smithdeal Ave

St Davids Ln

St.Christophers at Patterson Ave

Staples Mill Rd South of Morrison Rd

Starling West of Farmington Dr.

Stockton Ln

Stockton St

Stony Point Pkwy

Stratford Rd

Strath Rd

Strath Rd North of Lammrich Rd

Sulgrave Rd

Summerhill Ave And Jeff Davis

Sylvan Rd

Tarrytown Dr

Taylor Ave

Thalen St

Three Chopt Rd

Timken Dr

Tonbridge North of Oxford

Towana Rd

Townley Rd

Turner Substation

Banbury Rd & Sulgrave Rd

Barnesway Ln

Beechmont Rd & Cherokee Rd

Camden Dr

Clovelly Rd

Dover Rd

East 20Th St

Flagstation Rd

Grandview Dr

Hartford Ln

Hungary Spring Rd

Kenmore Rd & Forest Hill Rd

Kinvan Rd

Lorraine Station Rd

Maidens Rd

Maplewood Ave

Moreland Rd

Old Quarry Rd

Old Westham Rd

Patterson Ave

Pinetta Dr

Pocono Dr

Rio Grande Rd

Robinview Dr

Santa Clara Dr

Shadyhurst Dr

Skipton Rd

Three Chopt Rd

Pump Rd North of Patterson Ave

Vdh&T Rd South of Bickerstaff Rd

University Blvd

Venable St

West 42Nd St

West 46Th St

West 47Th St

West 49Th St

West Broad St

West Grace St

West Marston La

West Monument Ave

West Patterson Ave

West Riverside Dr

Cavendis Ln North of Wilkinson Rd

Erich Rd North of Distributor Dr

Horsepen North of Woodberry

Wadeward Rd

Wadsworth Dr

Waldo Ln

Walnut Grove Rd

Walton Ave East of Chamberlayne Ave

Wanyamala at Vincennes

Weaver Ct

Wellington St at Brookland Pk Blvd

Westgate Dr

Westham Pkwy

Westham Rd West of Cherokee Rd

Westoe Rd

Westwood Ave

Whippoorwill Rd

Whitcomb St

Whittington Dr

Willis Rd

Wilson at Martin

Wilton North of Kenmore

Wimgrow Rd

Wishart Cir

Wood & Mecklenburg St

Woodman Rd

Woodman Rd North of Spider

Woodman Rd South of Lafayette Ave

Woodrow Ter

Yarnell Rd

Yeardley Dr


Ashland Rd

Bennington Rd

Chisholm Trl

Echo Meadows Rd

Franklin Hills Dr

Little Falls Ln

Pouncey Tract Rd

Rockville Rd

S Chesterfld

Court St

E River Rd

Julep Dr

Oakland Ave

Piedmont Ave

Chestnut Ridge Rd

Woods Edge Rd

Woodpecker Rd


Challis Ln

East Union St

Elko Rd

Elko Rd & Old Williamsburg Rd

Hanover Rd

Old Williamsburg Rd & Boar Swamp

Portugee Rd

Meadow Rd

Williamsburg Rd & Clayman

White Oak Pl

Wilson Ave North of Sedgewick St

Windsor Rd

Sandy Hook

Cedar Plains Rd

Stony Creek

Cabin Stick Rd

Concord Sappony Rd

Flatfoot Rd

Hunting Quarter Church Rd

Concord Sappony Rd


Mayes St


Bethel Church Rd

Coppahaunk Ave

Courthouse Rd

North County Dr

Sussex Dr


Courthouse Rd

Northern Neck // Dominion Virginia Power Worklist for Thursday, September 1:


Rt 14 @ Bayside


Godsey Creek Rd

Martin Ln

North River Rd

Rains Ln

Rt 660


Lampkintown Rd


Mundy Point Rd

Mundy Point Rd & Tyson Ln

Rt 202 & Mundy Pt Rd

Rt 600


East River Rd


Christchurch Ln

River Watch Ln

Cobbs Creek

Proctor Ln


Frigate Ln

Knight Wood Rd

Rt 643 west of Rt 613

Rt 645 south of Rt 643


Grandview Dr

River Stretch Rd

Rt 611

Rt 616

Tidewater Trl

Wares Wharf Rd


Rt 607

Withers Grain Rt 3


Pearl St


630 Hwy

Antioch Rd

Ark Rd

Back Creek Rd

Belleville Ln

Bus Rt 17 & Rt 617

Carters Cove Dr

Cedar Bush Rd

Cherry Row Lane

Clay Bank Rd

Eagle Harbor Ln

Enos Rd

Fleming Rilee Dr

George Washington Hwy

Harcum Rd

Hermitage Ln

Hickory Fork Rd

Honeycutt Ln

Hwy 605 north of Hockley Ln

Hwy 615

Indian Town Rd

King William Rd

Mt Zion Rd @ Rt 602

New Landing Rd

Pear Tree Ave

Rt 17 norht of Rt 611

Rt 17 & Rt 602 west

Rt 17 & Rt 665

Rt 17 south of Rt 14

Rt 17 south of Rt 601

Rt 182 & Rt 700

Rt 30 & Rt 1301

Rt 30 & Rt 630

Rt 30 & Rt 632

Rt 30 & Rt 634

Rt 30 & Rt 635

Rt 30 At Rt 6

Rt 30 east of Rt 627

Rt 30 north of Rt 640

Rt 30 west of Rt 625

Rt 30 west of Rt 627

Rt 30 west of Rt 635

Rt 30 west of Rt 640

Rt 30 west of Rt 641

Rt 33

Rt 603 east of Rt 17

Rt 605

Rt 605 & Rt 604 east

Rt 606 east of Rt 17

Rt 610

Rt 614

Rt 615 north of Rt 616

Rt 615 west of Rt 629

Rt 618

Rt 620 west of Rt 30

Rt 625 & Rt 640

Rt 625 east of Rt 626

Rt 625 north of Rt 30

Rt 629 east of Rt 671

Rt 629 south of Rt 626

Rt 640 2.0 Mi E R

Rt 642 south of Rt 708

Rt 658

Rt 660

Rt 668

Rt 682 & Rt 643

Rt 683 @ Ware Neck

Rt 683 east of Rt 624

Rt 684 @ Mathews

Rt 692

Seatons Ln

Seawell Ave

Walkerton Rd

Ware Neck Rd

Ware Point Rd

West Point Hwy south of Hwy 619

Gloucester Pt

Fraser Ln


Calais Wharf Rd

Cherry Point Rd

Powell Ln

Rt 656 south of Rt 633

Rt 661


Buck Chase Ln

Cherry Point Rd

Driftwood Dr

Mad Calf Ln

Old Farm Rd

Rt 664

Rt 740


Friends Rd

Funny Farm Rd

George Washington Mmrl Hwy

Hickory Fork Rd

Hill Rd

Hoefork Ln

Linda Cir

Margaret Dr

Maryus Rd

Perrin Creek Rd

Providence Rd & Piney Swamp Rd

Rt 17

Stormy Dr


Clareville Ln

Crabbetown Rd

Mila Rd

Old Tipers Rd

Rt 201 south of Rt 360

Rt 360 Claraville

Rt 601 Heathsville


Azalea Ln

Hicksville Rd

South Bay Haven Dr


Point Pleasant Rd

Rt 669 @ Barnes Creek

Rt 671 Hwy

Rt. 3 south of Rt. 650

King William

Wakema Rd


Hoecake Rd

Rt 673 Off Rt 614

Locust Hill

Brandon Point Rd

Burhans Wharf Rd

Healys Trace Ln

North Shore Rd

Rt 634 @ Rt 33


Haywood Seafood Ln


Chesapeake Dr

Haven Beach Rd

Rt 1001 west of Rt 14

Rt 623 west of Rt 670


Rt 33 east of Rt 605


Pond Point Pl


Flat Iron Rd & Kings Hwy

Kings Hwy

Rt 624 south of Potomac River


Lillys Neck Rd

Waters Edge Dr


Meandering Ln

Northwood Cove

Rt 620 south of Rt 14 North

Northern Neck

613 Hwy

Bowler's Wharf Rd

Bushfield Rd

Crab Point Rd

Dunnsville Substation

Hwy 214

Indian Path Ln

James Wharf Rd

Laurel Point Rd

Merry Point Rd

Mundy Point Rd

Northumberland Hwy

Rt 17 North Of Rt 1103

Rt 17 south of Rt 606

Rt 202 & Rt 3

Rt 202 & Rt 621

Rt 3 And Rt 642

Rt 3 East Of Thomas Store

Rt 3 west of Rt 614

Rt 600 west of Rt 621

Rt 621

Rt 621 & Rt 665 Beal's Wharf

Rt 621 @ Rt 711

Rt 621 north of Rt 665

Rt 624 north of Rt 3

Rt 626 & Rt 665

Rt 637

Rt 646

Rt 648

Rt 667 north of Rt 798

Rt 711 north of Rt 738

Rt 738

Rt 767

Rt. 17 @ Rt 652

Rt. 651 north of Rt 644

Rt. 662

Rt. 791

Tomlin Trace Rd

Westmoreland State Pk


Potato Neck Rd

Wolf Trap Ln

Plain View

Plain View Ln east of Cherry Row Ln

Port Haywood

Circle Dr

Lighthouse Rd

Rt 608 south of Rt 609


Point Breeze Rd

Yacht Club Rd

Yeiser Ln


Bay Shore Ave

Blundon Rd

Chesapeake St

Cockrell Point Ln

Connie Ln

Connies Ln

Heron Marsh Ln

Kay St

Marina Dr

Murphy St

Rock Town Rd

Rt 360

Rt 646 south of Rt 660

Rt 651 east of Rt 644

Rt 657 north of Rt 692

Rt 657 south of Rt 659

Rt. 644


General Puller Hwy

Hwy 33 & 198

Rt 17

Rt 17 north of Rt 14

Rt 601 north of Rt 14


Northwind Ln


Rt 33 west of Rt 605

Stratton Major Rd

Wrights Dock Rd

St Stephns Ch

Rt 628 @ Rt 360

Rt 628 & Rt 721

Rt. 721 north of Rt. 619


Circle Dr


Rt. 17 south of Rt. 715

South Water St & Earl St


Dirt Bridge Rd

Eagle Ln

Greys Point Rd

Rt 3 south of Rt 646

Rt 621

Rt 622

Rt 699

Winding Trl


Waverly Rd


Creek View Ln

Historyland Hwy

Menokin Rd & Lakeside Dr

Sunset Ln

Woodmont Ln


Amber Rd

Holly Haven Rd

Larkspur Ln

Lumberlost Rd

Rt 694 @ Rt. 630

Rt 767

Rt 771 & Rt 675

Rt. 222 east of Rt. 709

Rt. 709 Past Rt 664

Timber Run Ln

Woodshire Ln

West Point

Marl Hill Rd

Rt 701 west of Rt 1010

White Stone

Rt 637 north of Rt 766

Rt 695

Crab Point Rd & Spindrift Rd

Rt 652 @ Rt 638


Rt 645 north of Rt 3



Southside // Dominion Virginia Power Worklist for Thursday, September 1:

Chase City
Honey Tree Rd

Dry Bread Rd

Faison St

Fiddlers Rd

Greensville Ave

Hicksford Ave

Jefferson St

Little Low Ground Rd

Low Ground Rd

Railroad Ave

Rolling Acres Rd

Taylors Mill Rd


Grace St

Old Plank Rd

S Broad St between Rt. 1129 & Tarleton Ln.


Brooks Crossing

Lawrenceville Plank Rd

South Hill

Boydton Plank Rd North of Beaverdam Rd.

Brickyard St South Of Lawrenceville Tile Co

Bridge Rd

Callis Rd

Caney Branch Rd at Elm Rd.

N. Mecklenburg Ave

Red Oak Ln Off Farmington Dr.

Quarry Rd. At Trego Stone


14Th St.

Main St At 2nd St