Hotels running out of rooms

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Hotels around Richmond have been turning people away by the dozens.

"We actually have been sold out the entire week," said David Becker, Manager at the Hampton Inn & Suites Glenside.

Becker said more than one hundred people were turned away at his hotel, the night of hurricane Irene.

West End Richmonders Sally and Tom Sommers got one of the rooms. They booked it early enough but not without difficulty.

"We couldn't get in our house because of downed power lines and trees in our subdivision," said Tom Sommers.

"A lot of people in both my neighborhood and my parents neighborhoods could not get rooms," said Sally Sommers.

The Sommers have been living, working and sometimes eating out of the confines of their small room for days.

"You can eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches," said Sally Sommers.

It's not what they're used to.

"This is not so much scary as it is very inconvenient, we have pets at home we have to keep checking on," she said.

Down the hall, Sue Collins from Lakeside says she is grateful she's able to hook up her asthma machine in the comforts of her room.

"This I have to have plugged in," Collins said.

It's costing a lot of money for the accommodations.

"I'm lucky to be able to have the means to do this...a lot of people don't," said Collins.

The Sommers and Collins families, all feeling fortunate, but only wishing they were at home.

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