Dominion restores power to more than 77%

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Not even two minutes in Stratford Hills and we were surrounded by people who've had enough.

"It's frustrating. I get that the lines are down and that it takes a while to do things," said resident Jake Snow.

The rolling hills and tall trees of Stratford made this area a haven for Irene's destruction.

"There's been no police, no Virginia Dominion Power... It's ridiculous all the traffic lights are out there's no police directing traffic," said Steven Johnson.

It's not just the lack of power getting to Dan Carrell on Custis.

"All they can do is write a report and no one knows where the report will end up," he said.

His family is trapped in their home by a downed utility pole, a mangle of wires and a dead tree.

"We're not worried about the restoration of the power. We want the access to our road. And we want the wires removed from the road and cut because it could be a safety hazard," said Dan.

We did find power lineman on the job Wednesday not far away on Cherokee Road. Dominion says it still has hundreds of more locations to clear. Some of those spots are the most dangerous.

We spoke to a few crew members who say they've been working 16-hour days.

"I feel like people are doing as best they can to bring that power back on," said Mary Ann Wilson.

Power is the last thing on Ann Swift's mind these days.

"I am so thankful absolutely that nobody was up there," she said.

Her family happened to be in the basement when a tree that is at least 90 feet long took a nose dive into her upstairs.

"Even though there's a great loss we have been overwhelmed with people just offering home and telephones and electricity whatever. I feel like we've gained so much more than we've really lost," Ann added.

So when is your power coming back? For the first time, you now call 1-866-DOM-HELP to get individual times frames for when your power will be restored. Also, Dominion now has 7,000 boots on the ground in affected areas. And more people crews are now on the way from around the country.

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