Neighbors helping neighbors after the storm

PETERBURG, VA (WWBT) - The storm is bringing out the best in a number of people. Many of you are helping your neighbors clean-up. Volunteers from across the country are in Virginia lending a hand by providing free meals to those without power.

Mary Scott, her children and other neighborhood kids haven't had a hot meal since the storm knocked out their electricity.

"We tapped out. Our food is gone - bread is gone," said Scott.

Eating out is getting expensive.

"This right here would be five dollars each," said Scott.

Karen Pitchford is in a similar situation.

"Everything is spoiled in the freezer," said Pitchford.

The group is one of many who showed up at a feeding shelter in Petersburg. Glenda Dawson, a volunteer with the Red Cross, came all the way from Iowa to pay it forward.

"We've had disasters in my state, lots of flooding, and people have come from across the country to help us. So we give back those who have helped," said Dawson.

And helping is what Gha-is Bashir did. He's a transit employee who ended up at the feeding shelter when he gave a ride, on his own time, to strangers who had no transportation.

"I thought it was the right thing to do. It takes time out of my day but I'm a public servant," said Bashir.

He gave that ride to Pitchford and her daughter.

"He went out of his way and did it for us. I'm really appreciative," said Pitchford.

Giving is what put a smile on the face of 12-year-old Cory James. He's impressed with his meal.

"This jelly and fruit it's so good man," he said.

One table over we spotted Derrick Washington sitting quietly and eating alone. He offered a comment of gratitude.

"I think it's a blessing. I think it's truly god sent," said Washington.

So far, the Red Cross has served 11,000 meals, in eight localities in our region, since the storm hit.

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