City providing free shuttles to grocery stores

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The city is now helping people get to the grocery store to get the supplies they need in the aftermath of the hurricane; the Mayor's office and GRTC have teamed up to run city supermarket shuttles.

Most areas are providing some type of support to help people get access to food and water.  Richmond handed out care packages Tuesday night, and people can get meals and charge their electronics at a number of locations including the Arthur Ashe Center. And now, a bus will take you to the store for free.

"The sites were selected where there were large concentrations of people with no power. The shuttle service is free; there is no fare being charged; a person gets on the bus, goes to the grocery store, gets his groceries, then gets back on the bus and is taken back to where he was picked up," said Joan Straszewski with GRTC.

This bus headed to the Kroger at Broad and Lombardy, which has plenty of water and ice.  People were eager to restock.

And here's another great idea for you when it comes to food. Depending upon your coverage, a lot of homeowner's insurance policy's actually cover the loss of food in your refrigerator or freezer due to a power outage. A lot of times there's a deductible, but insurance will pay the difference. It's certainly worth a call to your agent, and in the meantime, here's what you need to do. Recreate a list of all the items you had in the fridge and an approximate value. Also take pictures, even if it's of the food in your trash can just in case the company asks for that.

The Mayor's Office and GRTC will work together to see if they will continue the shuttle past today.

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