Irene Aftermath: Where Dominion crews are working Wednesday

Stay with NBC12 for the latest on Irene's Aftermath
Stay with NBC12 for the latest on Irene's Aftermath

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – On Wednesday, power crews will continue to work to restore electricity around the state.

Below, we've posted a list of locations Dominion Virginia Power hopes to restore power to by the end of the workday Wednesday.

At last check, 184,680 people in the metro Richmond/Tri-Cities area were still without power. In the Southside, that number is 1,021, while in the Northern Neck, the number of outages is 20,096. To see current Dominion outage numbers, visit:

1,956 Rappohannock Electric Cooperative customers are still without electricity. To see current numbers, visit: 6,078 customers of Northern Neck Electric Cooperative are without power. You can find the latest outage numbers for that area by visiting: Also, 714 customers of Southside Electric Cooperative remain in the dark. The latest outage numbers can be found by visiting:

Richmond/Tri-Cities // Dominion Virginia Power Worklist for Wednesday, August 31:


Bethel Rd

East Patrick Henry Rd

England St

Henry Clay west of James

James St north of Race St

Maple Ln south of Rt 657

Mayers Run @ James Rd

Quarles Rd

Rt 1 North of Jamestown Rd

Rt 657 west of Rt 679

Rt 679 south of Link Rd


Ecoff Ave

West Hundred Rd


Beach Rd

North Bethia Rd

Woodpecker Rd

Winterpock Rd

Colonial Heights

Archer Ave

Jefferson Davis Hwy

Roslyn Ave

Yacht Basin Dr


Allentown Rd

Cardwell Rd

Covington Rd

Cox Town Dr

Rt 6 east of Rt 628

Sheppard Town Rd


Boydton Plank Rd

Dinwiddie Substation

East Richmond

Atlee Rd

Birch Ln @ Colony Dr

Brandy Creek Dr

Burnside Dr

Cady's Mill Rd

Club Dr

Colts Neck Rd

Dana St

Hanover Rd @ Mary St

Hudnalls Rd And Caleb Dr

Jennings @ Nine Mile Rd

Mcclellan Rd south of Old Church Rd

Old Cavalry Dr

Old Church & Flannigan Mill Rd

Osborne Tpk & Battery Hill Rd

Osborne Tpk south of Battery Hill Rd

Providence Forge

Rt 60 @ Five Lakes

Rt 606 south of Rt 629

Rt 645 north of Rt 615

Rural Point Rd

Rural Pt & Studley Rd

Shall Dr

South Holly Ave

Studley Rd

Thalen St

The Glebe Rd south of Charles City H.S.

Glen Allen

Virginia Center Cmn & Virginia Village Dr

Us 1 Hwy @ Lewsiton


Brookstone Dr

Dogtown Rd

Earls Rd

New Town Rd

Rock Castle Rd

Rock Castle Rd

Rt 600 north of Rt 627

Rt 600 south of Rt 6

Sheppard Town Rd

St Pauls Church Rd

West River Rd

Gum Spring

Warehouse Ln


Cadys Mill Rd

Cadys Mill Rd north of Cadys Ln

Cadys Woods Dr @ US 301

Highland Springs

Cedar & East Nine Mile Rd

Holly Ave

Washington St Rd east of Mullins



Byrd St

Poplar St

Prince St

South Colonial Dr

West Broadway

Winston Churchill Dr. And 1st St


Blue Star Hwy

Braxton St


Sabot Station Rd


Blackwood Dr

Broad Street Rd

Dog Gone Rd

River Rd West

Rt 6 west of Riverclift

Rt 6 west of Tanglewood

Manakin Sabot

Dover Bluff Cir

Dover Bluff Pl

Elm Creek Dr

Ice House Ct

Manakin Rd

Meadow Ridge Pkwy

River Rd West

Rt 6 @ Boscobel Country

Rt 6 @ Rt 623

Rt 641

Rt 676 @ Rt 6

Shallow Well Rd

Shallow Well Rd north of Northfield Rd

Willway Dr

Woodson Pl


Bunsworthy Pl

Cold Harbor Rd

Creighton Rd

Dunwoody Rd Off Woodbridge Rd

East of Creighton Rd north of Rt 635

Fallman Dr

John Henry Ln

Mechanicsville Tpk

Old Cavalry Dr

Polegreen Rd west Of Eaves Way

Rockhill Rd

Rt 301 north of Lawhorns

Rt 360 At Meadow Dr

Rt 360 east of Lexington

Rt 606 @ Jones Sawmill

Rt 606 north of Rt 360

Rt 615 @ Sand Gat Substation

Sandy Valley Rd

Walnut Grove Rd

Whitlocks Farm Rd


43rd St

43rd St north of Forest Hil

45th St S/O Forest Hill Ave

46th St. south of Forest Hill Ave

49th St

Amajess Ln

Bailey Bridge Rd Bayhill Pointe

Basin Substation

Bel Crest Ter

Belmont Rd

Broad Rock Blvd & Cooks

Buford Rd

Chepstow Rd

Cogbill At Robinwood Subdivision

Forest Hill Ave At 42nd St

Forest Hill Ave east of Westower

Genito Rd

Huguenot Trl

Hull St & Hampton Park

Jahnke And Sylvan

Kerri Cove Ct

Labrook Dr

Lancaster Gate Dr

Lancaster Gate Ln

Leicester Rd And Forest Hill Ave

Maple Hall Dr

Mark Rd

Midlothian Substation

Midlothian Tpk east of Page Rd

Oakengate Ln

Old Hundred Rd

Old Hundred Rd north of Otterdale Rd


Otterdale Rd

Otterdale Rd

Pinetta Dr & Forkland Dr

Prince Arthur Rd

Prince George Rd

Prince George Rd

Prince George Rd south of Devonshire

Quailwood Rd

Qualla At Donegal

Robious Rd

Rt 10 At Horner Lane

Rt 360 west of Otterdale

Salisbury Rd east of Braemar Ct

Scottwood Rd @ Old Hundred Rd

South Providence Rd

Spring Run And Hensley

Spring Run Rd

Stonewall Ave north of Springhill Ave

Sylvan Rd off Prince Arthur Rd

Terminal At Montesrest

Trevillian Rd & Pullman Rd

Vial Rd And Rusk Ave

Waldor Dr

Whittington Dr

Winslow Rd

Winterfield Rd

Woodbine Rd & Archer

Worchester Rd


Mt Herman Rd

Rt 360 west of Skinquarter

North Chesterfield

Avella Ln

Ayshire Ct

Bannockbarn Dr

Bayfield Dr east of Mayflower Dr

Buford Rd north of Jahnke Rd

Chinaberry Dr

Cogbill Rd

Cogbill west of Rt 10

General Blvd

Hopkins Rd

Jahnke Rd @ North Bon View

Jefferson Davis Hwy

Providence Rd south of Provincetown Rd

Reams Rd between Powhite & Rosegill

Reams Rd east of Walkerton Rd

Scherer Dr And Sherbrook Ct

Willisden south Of Delwich Rd

New Kent

Cumberland Rd

Rt 249 west of Rt 623


Birdsong Rd

Boydton Plank Rd

Branders Bridge Rd

Branders Bridge Rd

Centralia Substation

Chalkley Rd south of Centralia Rd

Colston St

Courthouse Rd

Duncan Rd

Dupuy Rd

Forest Hill Rd & South Park Dr

Harrowgate Rd

King Ave

Locks Substation

Matoaca Rd

Mckenny Substation

Medical Park Blvd

Monticello St

Pickett Ave

Poplar Rd

River Rd

Rives Rd

Rives Rd

Roslyn Rd

Royal Oak Ave

Rt 40 Rd

Rt 460 & Claiborne Rd

Ruffin Rd

Sappony Substation

South Crater Rd

South Park Dr

St Andrews Substation

Stony Creek Substation

Sussex Dr

Temple Dr

Warren Ave

Warren St

Westover Ave

Winston Church

Winston Churchhill Dr.


Calais Trl

Elioch Manor Dr

Huguenot Trl

Johnsonway Ter

Judes Ferry Rd

St Marys Ln

St Marys Way


Rt 674 west of Rt 249


Antrim Ave

Banbury Rd

Belt Line Substation

Berkshire south of Lancaster

Bicknell Rd

Blakemore Rd south of Westower Dr

Bliley Rd And Netherwood Rd

Blithwood Rd

Boxwood @ Woodman Rd


Broad Rock Blvd

Bronwood east of Parham

Brook Rd south of Wilmington

Brookland Blvd east of Fendall

Brookland Pk Blvd. west of Fendall Ave

Brookland Pk Blvd. west of Griffin Ave

Brookside between Noble & Hawthorn

Brookside Blvd

Brown Rd

Buford Rd south of Lake Shore Dr.

Bunting Ave

Byswick Ln

Camden Dr

Cardwell Rd

Careybrook Dr

Carnation St

Carolina Ave

Cary east of Ampthill

Cary St Rd

Chamberlayne Ave

Chantilly St

Chantilly St

Chantilly St south of Franklin St

Charles City Rd

Chateau Dr

Cherokee Rd And Southampton

Cherokee Rd west of Arrowhead Rd

Claremont Ave

Clarkson Rd

Clarkson Rd And Alaska Drive

Clovelly Rd

Clovelly Rd

Clovelly Rd Rd

Clovelly south of Sulgrave

Club Rd

Cofer Rd

Coleburn @ Three Chopt

Commonwealth south of Wythe

Comm-Psys. Hospital

Cypress St

Dalmain south of Vernon Rd

Dan St

Dancer Rd

Danley La

Denham north of Ledbury

Derbyshire Rd

Derbyshire Rd

Devonshire Rd

Dilton Ct

Dirk Dr

Dorset Ave

Dover Rd

Dover Rd east of Oxford Circle


Drovin Dr

Dunsmore Rd

East 20th St

East German School Rd

East Hillcrest Ave

Elkhardt Rd west of Whitehead Rd

Elkridge La And Walnut St

Engel Rd

Erich Rd north of Distributor

Fon Du Lac Rd

Forest Ave

Forest north of Dunnsmore

Forest north of Silversprin

Fortune Rd

Front St

Front St @ 2nd Ave

Ft. Hill south of Dexter

Gayton Rd

Gayton Rd east of Andover

German School Rd

German School Rd And Glenway Dr

Greystone Ave At Deloak Ave

Greystone East Cir

Grove Ave

Grove ave between Matoaka & Wilton

Grove Ave east of Oak Ln

Grove east of Tuckahoe

Harvie Rd And Byron St

Harvie Rd And Howard Rd

Herndon @ River Rd

Hillcrest Ave

Hillcrest Rd.

Hilliard Rd

Hood Dr

Howard west of Henri

Hull Street Rd

Hungary Spring Rd

Jahnke Rd west of Forest View School Rd

Jeff Davis Hwy

Kenmore Rd And Forest Hill Rd

Kent St

Kilmarnock Dr

Kindell Rd

Kinsley Ave

Knighthood Ct

Lakeside Ave

Lancaster Rd

Landis @ Three Chopt.

Laurel Fork Dr

Loch Lomond Ct

Lorraine Station Rd

Lorraine Station Rd

Magnolia St

Maplewood Ave

Marroit Rd

Midlothian Tpk east of Railroad tracks

Midlothian Tpk east of Wadsworth

Monument Ave

Monumental St

Moody Middle School

Moreland Rd

Myrtle St. @ 3rd Ave.

N Arch Village Ct

New Kent Rd

New Market Rd south of Buffin Rd

Norcroft Ter

North East Franklin St

North Rd

Nottoway Ave west of Brook Rd

Oak St

Old Brook & Westbrook

Old Telegraph Rd

Orcutt Ln

Osborne Trpk

Oxford west of Canterbury

Oxnard Rd

Parham north of Lawndell

Parham Rd

Parham Rd

Parham Rd north of Spalding Dr

Patterson west of Gayton

Pepper north of Patterson.

Perry St

Perrymont Rd

Porter St

Pothead @ Sulgrave Rd

Prestwick Rd

Primrose Pl

Queen Char. South of Dover Rd

Quiocca Rd

Randolph Square Ln

Ridge Rd

River Rd

River Rd east of Lower Tuckahoe

River Rd west of Nomas

Robinview Dr

Rockfalls Dr south of Menokin Rd

Rolondo Dr

Rt 1 north of La Von Dr

Rt 6 @ Rt 628

Rt 6 @ Tanglewood

Ruffin Rd

Santa Clara Dr

Santa Clara Dr

Santa Clara north of Sierra

School Ave

Seaman Rd And German School

Semmes Ave

Shadyhurst Dr

Shelley Rd

Shelly Rd @ Sawmill Rd

Shirley Rd north of Cherokee Rd

Silverspring west of Forest

Skipton Rd

Skipwith Rd

Skipwith Rd south of Vanta

Skipwith south of Hungary Spgs

South Cherry St

South Pine St

Spottswood Rd

St Davids Ln

Stockton Ln

Stoneleigh north of Dumbarton

Strath Rd

Strath Rd

Summit Dr

Tapoan west of Three Chopt

Tarrytown Dr

Taylor Ave

Three Chopt Rd

Tonbridge north of Oxford

Trowbridge Rd

Turner Substation

Turner Substation

Twinridge Ln

University Blvd

Venable St

Walnut Grove Rd

Warwick Rd

Wellington St @ Brookland Pk

Welwyn Rd

West Grace St

West Marston Ln

West Square Dr



Westminister @ Brook Rd

Westover Hills Blvd

Whitcomb St

Willis Rd

Windsor Way south of Cambridge

Wistar Rd

Wistar Rd

Wood & Mecklenburg St

Woodcliffe north of Brookland Pk Blvd

Woodrow Ter

Yolanda Rd

Ziontown Rd


Challis Ln

East Union St

Elko Rd & Old Williamsburg Rd

Huntsman Pl

Meadow Rd

Old Williamsburg Rd

Old Williamsburg Rd West Of Boar Swamp

Portugee Rd

White Oak Pl

Wilson Ave North Of Sedgewick St

Sandy Hook

Cedar Plains Rd

Stony Creek

Concord Sappony Rd


Mayes St


Butterwood Rd


Main St

Northern Neck // Dominion Virginia Power Worklist for Wednesday, August 31:


W Rt 14


Rt 663 Blackwells Wharf


Lodge Rd

Rt 622, Harryhogan


Whitfield Rd


Christchurch Ln

River Watch Ln

Rt 713 east of Rt 639


W Rt 645 & S Rt 643


Grandview Dr

Johnville Rd


Withers Grain Rt 3


Ark Rd

Back Creek Rd

Backwoods Ln

Belleville Ln

Berkshire Ln

Cedar Bush Rd

Claybank Rd

Derr Chase Dr

E Rt 17

E Rt 615 & N Rt 616

E Rt 648 S Rt 640

Elmington Ln

Enos Rd

Exchange Ln

Fairfield Ln

Hickory Fork Rd

King William Rd

Mt Zion Rd

N Rt 14

N Rt 14 & W Rt 62

N Rt 198 & E Rt 17

N Rt 623 & E Rt 624

N Rt 683 & E Rt 624

N Rt 694

Rt 1011

Rt 14

Rt 14 & Rt 611

Rt 17

Rt 17 & Rt 602 W

Rt 17 Rte

Rt 182

Rt 30

Rt 33

Rt 33 Rte

Rt 602

Rt 603

Rt 610

Rt 614

Rt 615

Rt 618

Rt 623

Rt 624

Rt 626

Rt 629

Rt 633 Gwynn

Rt 637 & Rt 633

Rt 645

Rt 660

Rt 661

Rt 667

Rt 671 east of Rt 17

Rt 683 Ware Neck

Rt 684 Near Esm Mathew

Rt 692

Rt. 624

S Rt 605

S Rt 633 & Grimstead

Shelly Rd

Tidewater Trl

W Rt 17 & N Rt 619

Ware Neck Rd

Ware Point Rd

Wareneck Rd

Waverly La

Windy Hill Rd


N Rt 664 & N Rt 6


Borden Rd

Early Ln

Fairfield Ln

Pleasant Colony Ln

Providence Rd

Providence Rd

Quarterpath Ln

Rt 17

Timberneck Farm Rd


Old Tipers Rd

Pine Crest Dr

Rt 609 & Rt 678

Rt 665 south of Rt 664

Sandy Point Rd


Lilly's Ln


Ditchley Rd

Rt 725 & Rt 607


Devils Bottom Rd

Locust Hill

Brandon Point Rd

Burhans Wharf Rd

Healys Trace Ln

North Shore Rd

R 33 west of Rt 619

Rt 634

Silver Ridge Rd


North Point Ln

Put In Creek St

Rt 1001

Rt 1002 & S Rt 611

Rt 623


N Rt 33 & E Rt 605

N Rt 33 & W Rt 670

Rt 657 & W Rt 14

Rt 678 & Rt 646


The Long Ln


Kings Hwy

Rt 3

Flat Iron Rd

Zacata Rd


Lillys Neck Rd


Rt 14

Rt 602

Rt 620

W Rt 620

Northern Neck

Bogey Neck Road

Bushfield Rd

Harry Hogan Rd

Menokin Rd

Rt 17

Rt 17 Dunnsville Substation

Rt 17 north of Rt 662Rt 200

Rt 202

Rt 202

Rt 3

Rt 3

Rt 3 & Rt 642

Rt 3 south of Rt 650

Rt 360 east of Heathsville

Rt 360 north-west of Rt 601

Rt 600 west of Rt 621

Rt 607

Rt 607 off Rt 200

Rt 609 & Rt 668

Rt 621

Rt 646 north of Rt 666

Rt 648

Rt 650 & Rt 1038

Rt 650 east of Rt 750

Rt 711 north of Rt 738

Rt 712 & Rt 622

Rt 791 off Rt 630

Smith Point Road

Tidewater Trl

Wallace St


Potato Neck Rd

Port Haywood

Circle Dr

Rt 608 & S Rt 609


E Rt 223 & N Rt 706


Rt 360 Hwy


General Puller Hwy

Rt 17 across from Mid Pen Landfill Adner

Rt 33 & E Rt 14

Rt 33 & Rt 198

Rt 618

Rt 641

Simmons La


Northwind Ln


Rt 14 & Rt 605

Wrights Dock Rd


Circle Dr


Breezy Point Dr

Buoy Rd

E Rt 3

Fishermans Hwy

Grey's Point

Greys Point Rd

Kates Neck Rd


Lakeside Ct

Mariners Woods Rd

Placid Harbor Dr

Plainview Rd

Poplar St

Rt 621

Rt 622

Rt 699

Shady Ln

Syringa Rd

Waverly Rd


Windy Creek Rd

Ware Neck

S Rt 623 & Rt 625 W


Benson Rd

Black Stump Rd

Rt 222

Rt 699 & Rt 675

Rt 709

Rt 709 past Rt 664

Waterview Point Ln

Weems Rd

West Point

11th St

21st St

6th St

E Euclid Blvd

E Magnolia Ave

E Oak Ln

Rt 701

Thompson Ave

White Stone

Fleets Bay Rd

Poplar Neck Rd

Rt 648

Rt 650 east of Rt 3

Rt 749

Shady Ln

Wicomico Chu

Rt 1080 (Southgate Substation)

Wicomico Church

Old Tipers Rd

Rt 200 Snowden Park

Rt 665 Hwy

Thomas Landing Rd


Rt 645 Zacata Rd

Southside // Dominion Virginia Power Worklist for Wednesday, August 31:


Christanna Hwy

School St

Second Ave


Brink Rd

Carroll St

Greensville Ave

Harrji St

Hicksford Ave

Oak Hill Dr

Railroad Ave

W York Dr

Walkermill Trl

Walnut Cir

Walnut Dr

Wiggins Rd

La Crosse

Morris Town Cir

W Country Club Rd


Cedar Grove Rd

Christanna Hwy

Gordon St

Iron Bridge Rd

Rose Dr

Sharp St

Turnbull St

Whitaker St


Hardy Rd


Mitchells Mill Rd & Massie Branch Rd

South Hill

Baskerville St

Boydton Plank Rd & Chestnut Rd

Boydton Plank Rd east of Beaverdam Rd

Boydton Plank Rd east of Virginia Ave

Boydton Plank Rd north of Beaverdam Rd

Brickyard St

Brink Rd & St John St

Clay St & Harrjie St

Dry Bread Rd west of Independence Church Rd

Elm Rd & Caney Branch Rd

Great Creek Rd west of Christanna Hwy

Grove Ave & Davenport St

Harris St & Halifax St

Hwy 47 east of Wards Rd

Ironbridge Rd @ Meherrin River

Johnson Run Rd off Douglas Lake Rd

Liberty Rd east of Tobbacco Dr

Little Low Ground Rd south of Zion Church Rd

Plank Rd & Danville St

Planters Rd near Brunswick prison

Quarry Rd & Trego Stone

Sturgeon Rd & Blackbottom Rd

Tiny Rd

Zion Church Rd east of Skippers Rd


14th St

Main St & 2nd Street

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