Many customers without cable

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Our NBC12 Facebook page has been flooding with concerns about Irene's aftermath. One of the big concerns is about cable.

A lot of people are posting  that their cable didn't come back on with their power, and it's just not about TV.

A lot of people have a bundle service where you get TV, Internet and phone. So when one goes out, all of them are out.

Comcast said the service should be back once you have power again, but unfortunately this isn't the case.

Comcast said they are seeing more damage because of fallen trees and poles. These things take longer to fix.

The company says it has employees working to repair the damage.

At this point there is no timetable set. They plan to continue until everyone has their cable again.

Also, more people are starting to clean up their yards.

Chesterfield is opening more drop-off sites for debris.

Those sites as well as the ones in Richmond, Henrico, and Prince George are free.

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