Dominion crews restoring power

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - This tree has met its match. Don Frye and Cary Davis are taking it down, piece by piece, in neighborly fashion.

"I'm so glad the TV is off and we get a chance to visit neighbors and talk and help each other," said Don.

Patiently biding their time, waiting for Dominion to restore the power here.

"I'm not worried about it. They're working as hard, this was a mess. Unusual mess," Cary said.

It's a tree graveyard in George Berkeley's front yard on Spring Run Road. He had four of them topple...taking out a utility pole and power to his neighborhood.

Dominion has replaced the poles. Berkeley's now waiting for the line to house.

"We have no water. Alright and with no water, no shower, no shower, and no hot meals," said Berkeley.

We found crews hard at work on Belmont Road. Dominion has 1100 bucket trucks in Virginia communities devastated by Irene.

Stuart Butler's grateful and frustrated. Like many, he's been in the dark four days now.

"It's been like camping. Except you have all your appliances looking at you while you can't use them," said Bulter.

Tree cutting a sound of progress on Bloomfield in Bon Air. From the ground, and from above, the damage is overwhelming.

Dominion says it can get the lights back on. Crews are just battling Irene's irrational path of destruction.

"I now they restore the majority of people first. In situations like that. And so I just hope I'll be in one of the majority switches," Butler said.

Again, the timetable remains the same. Dominion is supposed to have 75% of its customers that lost power back on line Wednesday night. We'll keep tabs for you. Dominion still says the majority should have power back by Friday.

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