What to do if you're not getting mail after Irene

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Many of you are getting mail, but there are hundreds of you that are not. If you are the not-so-lucky group, there are several things you can do to get your bills and school letters, too.

"We don't know who the teacher will be, where these kids are going. So, it adds up to an extra level of anxiety for the first day of school," says Sandra Simons.

That's what Sandra Simons is thinking right now. She's one of about 500 people whose mailbox is empty--after Irene plowed through -- closing roads, knocking down power lines, making it unsafe for mail carriers to bring you, your bills.

"No magazine, no power! So, I'd love for something to read," adds Simons.

There's a couple of simple solutions for you -- if you're mail-less. You can put your mail on hold. Do that either online or at your post office. That way your mail will stay at the post office-- and you can pick it up yourself. You just need to explain your situation, show an ID and get your letters.

Now, some people are not getting their mail because of other reasons. Make sure you pile your debris on the opposite side of your mail box. If your mailbox is broken, replace it and make sure your address is clearly on it. Also, you can fill out a change of address card to send mail to your temporary address.

With so many streets looking like a mess -- Sandra understands why her mail -- is on hold, for now.

"Be safe! Do your best. I know there's a lot of power lines in the road. We're ready when you can come here. I don't want to put anyone in harms way," she adds.

You can download the Postal Service app on your SmartPhone if you do not have power. Once you do that, you can fill out your hold form on there.

Postal workers will try everyday to bring your mail. If they are unable to on one day, they will be back the next day trying again.

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