Drivers not stopping at defective traffic lights; Police ticketing motorists

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - As power issues continue across the region, a number of traffic lights are still out, and it's turning into a dangerous situation. Police are keeping a close eye on intersections and ticketing drivers who aren't stopping.

We checked out a number of intersections where traffic lights are out all over the area today and noticed that a lot of drivers aren't adhering to the law, and we aren't the only ones noticing; Chesterfield County police are writing a number of tickets for drivers not treating these intersections as four way stops.

We set up at the busy intersection of Laburum Avenue and Jan Road in Eastern Henrico Tuesday morning and watched as car, after car, after car just blew through the intersection without stopping, which is illegal. Treating these intersections as a 4-way stop is not just a suggestion; it's the law and necessary for safety.

A little later Tuesday, we saw the same scene at Midlothian Turnpike and Roanoke in Southside Richmond. We saw a few drivers stopping and obeying the law, but a number of others just kept on going, and police are taking note. In Chesterfield County, we confirmed that police were ticketing drivers for not stopping at intersections without power yesterday. The traffic ticket is for disregarding a light and can mean a fine and court time.

These traffic lights issues are a hot topic right now on our NBC12 Facebook page. People have been posting comments about seeing people get in accidents and also getting in crashes because of people not stopping at intersections like they are supposed to.

Josandra Faniel said, "Someone almost plowed into my car as I was stopped at a light that was out. Slow down, please."

Lynn Conner Brisson wrote, "People are just flying right through the intersections. I don't get it. Seems they would at least slow down."

Sheri Crawford said, "It was good to see Chesterfield County police ticketing those who weren't treating out lights as 4-way stops."

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