Dominion works to restore power

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Crews are working into the night. They're figuring out which neighborhoods to tackle next.

One neighborhood on Forest Hill has never been so happy to see a red light! After a few days of four-way stop's good to be back to something familiar. It was the sweet whir of electricity that had these neighbors in South Richmond ditching their grilled dinner for some air conditioning.

"Probably turn on my TV. Probably turn on my TV," said resident Hugh Williams.

Most have hoped for this moment for about two days straight.

"I've been checking on the power since day one," said Williams.

"Personally, I called about 6 or 7 times," Will Felix added.

Dominion Virginia Power crews say they're making progress- and that there is some method behind where they decide to restore power next.

After fixing power to important resources like hospitals or police stations-- they look for the biggest jobs.

"If we can do a job and get 3,000 customers back on line, that's what we're gonna be doing," said Dan Genest, Spokesperson for Dominion Virginia Power.

Crews actually patrol streets-- looking for the most affected areas. And then another team works through the night to decide which areas take priority.

"As the crews come in, they will hand those crews a package and say these are your jobs for today," Genest said.

Neighbors on this street say they're just glad they'll be eating dinner inside tomorrow. Two days, they say, was long enough to "do without".

"It's been terrible…very terrible," Williams said.

"It's been quite annoying actually. I've been sitting around without any power, without any air conditioning," Felix commented.

Dominion has crews out overnight, but they save most of their manpower for daylight hours when they can be most efficient. They say they'll likely know which streets they're working on Tuesday-- before 7a.m. They hope to have everyone reconnected, by Saturday night.

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