Illegal to burn Irene debris through September

CHESTERFIELD, VA. (WWBT) -- Chesterfield County is telling us they are facing a problem: people burning Irene debris, right now, during an open burning ban. That ban is in effect in Virginia from May through September.

"I got plenty more to do!" He's not kidding. Lynwood Wilhelm is hard at work at the helm, getting all the mess out of his yard, off of his pickup truck -- and into a huge pile!

He's not alone. We saw truck after truck filled with debris. It's almost like an assembly line at the debris disposal center in Chesterfield. The people there doing exactly what Chesterfield County wants you to do.

Simply because it is illegal to burn anything - until the end of the September.

So Chesterfield -- along with other Metro Richmond areas -- are telling you to get rid of the mess left behind by Irene -- by bringing it to a disposal center like this -- for free!

"Even if you think you're far away from your house, it can spread pretty quickly just by burning embers," says Chesterfield Fire and EMS Lt. Jason Elmore.

And, we all know how big these fires can get. Plus -- all the smoke these fires can leave you breathing in. "We finally got past the dismal swamp fire. Most of it is out. We don't want to start something else up," adds Elmore.

Chesterfield County even extended the hours at the centers -- staying open 7 days a week -- through September 11th.

"I like to get it out of the way so it doesn't cause a hazard," says Lynwood.

A lot of you are just taking all your debris and tossing it in front of your home. Chesterfield County says it's not planning to come around and pick up this mess. Also, in Henrico, it's the same way.

Leaders remind you that if you get a contractor involved to remove the debris, make sure they take the chopped up wood off your property.

Here's a list of disposal locations:

Chesterfield: Open 7 days a week, waiving fees for storm related debris, from 8am until 7pm through Sept. 11th. Located at 3200 Warbro Road and 6700 Landfill Drive

Henrico: 10600 Fords County Lane, 2075 Charles City Road

Richmond: 3800 E. Richmond Road, 3520 N. Hopkins Road

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