Dominion says most power to be restored by Friday

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Dominion says it can have the power back on for 75% of viewers out there by Wednesday night. The rest, could have power 6 days after Irene blew through.

A welcome sight Monday morning; bucket trucks and Dominion crews doing their part to re-juice the lines. Nat Stephens is hopeful a crew across the street at Parham and Avalon...means the powers coming back soon.

"Well I'm glad to see them and I hope it's not much longer. Two days going into a third is something to deal with," he said.

Charlie Massie can vouch for that.

"Still without power 51 hours and counting," Charlie said.

A tree barely missed his house and garage on Clauson Street. But it's the lack of electricity he finds even harder to take.

"We have to make little strategic trips out to Starbucks and Panera to charge our phones and everyone has the same idea too," he said.

Dominion promised Monday to turn the power back on for 90 to 95% of customers by Friday evening.

Good news, but not exactly comforting to Massie's roommate and many more.

"I hope we're not in that last five percent," said Deven Langston.

"I hope I'm not that group in the next week or two. That don't sound good," added Nat.

There are the lucky one's who never lost power.

"I don't know...I don't want to tell many people I have power. I think they'll be mad at me," said Stacey Leber jokingly.

And then there are houses as unlucky as this one on Mountain Road.

"It fell across  Mountain Road this side hit the high tension power lines and created an explosion strong enough to break windows in the house across the street," Emerson Hughes said Emerson Hughes.

Not only did the 100 year old oak split in's now pinning the only line to Emerson home.

"We are waiting and we are one person with power out on this line. So, I have a feeling we will be without power for a long time," he said.

If you want to keep track of where crews are, down to the street name... Dominion has posted that information on its website.

Customers are urged to call Dominion at 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357) if:

  • Your power is out.  Do not rely on your neighbors to report your outage.
  • Wires are down.  Treat all fallen wires as though they are energized.
  • Your electric meter appears to be damaged.

In the meantime, Dominion has posted a number of locations where crews will be working Monday. You can find it here:

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