Fallen trees continue to plague central VA

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Hundreds of trees still litter roads throughout the Richmond metro area, affecting power lines and making getting anywhere a headache. Across the area, trees tangled in power lines have created a scary situation for drivers.

Without streetlights, it's hard to tell when streets are impassible. Crews continue to work to clear them. Meanwhile, police in Henrico County have placed flares to warn drivers about blocked roads.

On South Holly Avenue, neighbors say they heard a power line come crashing down around 9:30pm Saturday night after a tree hit it. They're told they may not get power for as many as two weeks. Some decided to pack-up and move-out. Others say they'll have to make do without power.

"It's expensive and all the hotels are full, so gotta figure out a plan I guess," said Veronica Ofori, a resident on South Holly Avenue.

In Chesterfield County, crews worked tirelessly to clear roads. Between 6pm and 9pm, they cleared trees blocking almost 200 roads. Bin Sloan works for the county's drainage crew, but like so many, has been recruited to help clear trees blocking area roads.

"I haven't been able to take care of my own problems, I have a tree on my own house, I've got some trees down in my yard, but we'll get there eventually," said Sloan.

Keep in mind, even roads that are passable can still be very dangerous, with power lines and bits of trees blocking parts of the road. Sheryl Felker lives near Spring Run road.

"If you go down that way, you pretty much have one lane and have to wait for traffic to go around each other because the power lines are down in the street. You're actually driving over the power lines," she said.

"It's really just catch as catch can," said Dallas Bradbury. "When we come up on em, citizens will call in and tell us that there's a tree down and we'll go there and do what we can there. "

We checked in with crews across our region. They all say they're making progress in getting roads opened. They have a lot of work to do though, so they do ask for your patience. If you need to report a blocked road, you can call VDOT at 1-800-FOR-ROAD.

In addition, there is an open burning ban until September. It's illegal to burn Irene debris. You must take it to your city or county convenience center.

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