Dominion Power update: night two in the dark

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It's the second largest power restoration by Dominion, after Isabel. 1.2 million lost power in this storm. They restored power to about 400,000 today, leaving the total number without power in Virginia at around 790,000.

More than 24 hours after Irene blew through, the darkness still greets us on Stuart Avenue. Block after block of eery silence and flickering candle light.

People like the Currens are trying to make the best of it. Eating dinner by candlelight on the back porch.  "After Isabel, it doesn't matter. I mean we'd like to have it back of course but kids aren't in school we don't have to worry about that. we both have gyms at work," said Ted Currens. But with two kids... The darkness can grow. "There's only so much time card games and board games work before they are bored."

Leslie Bruno and her husband have been without power for more than 30 hours now. "We don't have kids or anything so it's just us trying to stay cool and it's not so bad during the day but at night it's a little frustrating."

Earlier in the day a power line worked arrived in Virginia, exclaiming "We made it!"

Help is finally here. Dominion put out the call for extra crews before Irene ever arrived.

" When you need help you call on them, when they need help they call on us," said Dominion spokesperson Dan Genest.

Hundreds of workers left there homes to help; places like Elkhart Indiana, Hazard Kentucky.

Danny Harris and Brian Webb made the trip from Columbus Ohio.  Webb told us he's here to,"Help out on Irene. Turn power back on. You know, get everybody back in situations they were back in before it happened."

"They're going to work hard, they are going to work safe and they're going to get the lights back on," said Genest.

Some 6,000 men and women are making their way to your neighborhood to assess the damage. How long it will take to juice the power lines is still up in the air. Not much comfort to the folks on Stuart Avenue Sunday night.

" I guess Dominion knows just as much as we do right now, which is not much," said Bruno.

1-866-DOM-HELP is the number to call to report your outage yet.

Dominion officials say they should know by noon Monday how long it should take to get the power back on across the state and in Central Virginia. They are asking for your patience.

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