Food and supplies tough to get

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - It's been a challenge for many people to stock up on food, water and gas.

Irene knocked out the power at many grocery stores and gas stations and now those places are closed.

Some of the few grocery stores able to open Sunday say they had long lines of people waiting to get in when the store opened in the morning.

Many people that didn't stock up before the storm are paying the price now.

The Martin's in Chesterfield Towne Center is one of the few grocery stores open.

Debbie Felton was shopping there Sunday morning trying to replenish her stock.

"A lot of the milk and refrigerated items go quickly and the bread and things of that nature," Felton said.  "The meat goes fast too."

The bread shelves are largely empty - an unnerving sight for many people trying to recover from Irene.

"I just wonder how long it's going to take to get restocked," she said.  "You wonder how long your power is going to be out and how much longer people are going to be inconvenienced."

Many people have also struggled to fill up their tanks.

Many gas stations are also without power and are closed, but the good news is industry experts say the pipelines that keep Virginia well-supplied with gasoline were not affected by Hurricane Irene.

Thelma Jackson was one of the many people who came by Cold Harbor Elementary School in Mechanicsville trying to get a case of bottled water.

"Our neighborhood has water but it's got a lot of chlorine in it," Jackson said.  "You can't drink it. I have a husband at home that's ill so I have to make sure he gets plenty of clean water."

She's been without power since Irene struck Saturday.

She says drinking water was the only thing she didn't have at home. She knows now she should have taken Irene more seriously.

"We didn't (take Irene seriously)," she said.  "We're these peoples like, 'it's not going to hit here' and it did. It's difficult."

Both Henrico and Hanover counties are giving out water if you need it.

Hanover County will be handing out free cases of water again Monday morning at Cold Harbor Elementary and at the Montpelier Center for the arts and Education.

Henrico fire stations 2 and 15 will be giving out water but you'll have to bring your own container. They will not be giving out bottled water.

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