Deltaville slammed by Hurricane Irene

DELTAVILLE, VA (WWBT) - Folks in Deltaville are hoping for the best as they settle in for the night with Irene pounding at the shoreline.

The winds and rains have not tapered. Earlier people made last minute runs for supplies.

One Charlottesville man is riding out the storm on a boat, hoping to keep it safe and secure.

Nightfall didn't mask the severity of Irene. Fierce waves pummeled the shoreline at the mouth of the Rappahannock.

At Stingray Point marina, water is rising fast. Tom King is riding out the storm there in his boat.

"Tending the lines with a group of fellow sailors.  It's been a wild ride," said King.

This is his last water run for the night.

"We want to get some coffee water for the morning and make sure we have enough in the tanks," said King.

This is Riverside Drive. It's more now like a river than a road water is almost up to my calves.

At Fishing Bay Harbor, water lapped at a back porch. Boaters frantically secured their vessels.

Earlier in the day, some swimmers chanced the choppy water.

"We've all been through them before we've all spent our whole lives on the water this isn't nothing but a little rumble," said Ken Miller. By 7 p.m., the pier was disappearing. One hour later, waves crashed over the rocks.

The Chesapeake Bay just as rough.

Scary moments for some, others in the path of Irene finding some humor.

George Cochran is relieved to have one thing. "We do have power," said Cochran.

At least for now, thousands are in the dark in Deltaville.

He took a quick look at the bay for himself before moving to higher ground.

"Nature's nothing to fool with," said Cochran.

At last check roughly five thousand people were without power here.

Emergency officials want people to stay away as long as possible so essential power can be restored.

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