Middlesex County evacuations in low lying areas

DELTAVILLE, VA (WWBT) – Middlesex County has ordered mandatory evacuations in its low lying areas. That's pretty much all of Deltaville...a popular Richmond vacation spot for recreational boaters. Today many folks from our area took the day off to make sure their homes were safe.

The Rappahannock River is rougher on Friday as Irene approaches. Folks in Deltaville are certainly taking this storm seriously they've boarded up their windows and many have already removed boats from the water.

Power tools were getting a work out in Deltaville Friday. Barry Jett and his son-in-law took the day off and drove in from Hanover.

"It's better safe than sorry!" Barry said.

Barry remembers the damage from Hurricane Isabel well. That storm took out his dock and deck. He worries about Irene.

BARRY: "Probably about the same. Where your standing now, we had water to your waist."
RACHEL: "From Isabel?"
BARRY: "From Isabel."

Chip Holt works in Petersburg, but lives in Deltaville.

"Maybe it will go by faster than some of the others so you don't take as long a pounding," he said.

We visited Holt two years ago during a bad nor'easter in Deltaville. He showed us the battle scars of storms past, where the water's height is etched in wood in his boathouse, and as for Irene's marking…

"I hope it's below the other three, but yeah, we'll mark another place in the boathouse. Where the water came up," Holt said.

Home owners up and down the coast line were protecting what they could Friday.

Debra Stehry is fearful of Irene's impending wind and storm surge.

"We're trying to get everything secure that might be affected by the winds and projected by the wind," she said.

Wary of the Rappahannock and Chesapeake Bay the county's opening a shelter and has ordered everyone who lives in low lying areas out.

The shelter at Middlesex County Elementary School opens at 8:00 Friday night. You are asked to bring your own supplies if you plan to ride out the storm at the school.

More details on the shelter in Deltaville. It's located off Philpot Road in Locust Hill Virginia. You are allowed to bring pets, but they must be kept in a crate and all pets will be in a separate room from guests of the shelter.

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