Richmond woman remembers march on Washington

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Richmond native Rosetta Manns-Baugh is certainly disappointed that the dedication of the monument to Dr. King has been postponed, but for her, the memories of where she was 48 years ago this weekend are still fresh in her mind.

Rosetta Manns-Baugh remembers August 28th 1963 like it was yesterday, because she was there. In fact -- she still has the original folder; handed out by organizers that day and the button she wore, marching up Independence Avenue.  Her daughter Marcia bought this book about that historic day and on the back cover, if you look closely - you can actually see Rosetta near the front of the group.

As a young mother, with a new baby in 1963 - Rosetta was determined to take the bus to D.C. to march with Dr. King - even though many discouraged from doing so.

"I had an old neighbor, and I remember her saying to me, you don't need to be goin' up there and get involved in've got that young baby," Rosetta said.

And even though the monument dedication has been postponed, today -- almost 48 years to the day --- Rosetta is back in Washington to see the monument, and for a women's luncheon that honors "not only" Dr. King, but the thousands of women who had the courage to take a stance. Marcia is proud of her mother....

"At that age, I probably didn't understand the impact that she and others were making, but I just knew she was always involved in something, and we've always supported, and was always very excited and very proud of her, whatever she did," Marcia said.

In her 80th year, Rosetta has weathered many a storm, and when Hurricane Irene passes, as they all do -- the MLK monument will eventually be dedicated....and while she may not be there - her daughter will. Comforting news to a woman who raised her children to be socially aware and proud of who they are.

"The fact that they are interested because they know I was interested years ago - and to follow thru - and I think it will go on through the generations of my children...I really do," Rosetta said.

At this time organizers of the MLK monument dedication ceremony have no firm date as to when the event will be re-scheduled.

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