School Supply Challenge: How much can $10 buy?

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – One by one, entrants brought in boxes and bags chock full of school supplies. Last year, four bloggers got $500 worth of stuff for $40, but they knew they could do more. This year, they opened the challenge to the public, quadrupling the number of participants.

Anjie Henley jumped at the opportunity.

"I've been a savings specialist for 30 years," Anjie said.

Her first savings strategy was to get on the horn. She called all the companies she knew that had store only coupons.

"And they sent me coupons," she said.

Those included Sharpie and Post-its.

"Scotch said print as many as you want from our pdf on our website and have fun," said Anjie.

She scoured her coupon collection and found more online to match with sales. She'd hit every store on Midlothian Turnpike then called it a day.

"I drove my car more in the last couple weeks than I do in a couple months," Anjie said.

A lot of effort, but this is the end result.

"I think I'm gonna be about $460-$470 for ten dollars," Anjie said.

The top three buyers won gift cards from Kroger. Sarah Metzgar got third place netting $302 worth of supplies. Anjie's $450 was enough to nab second place. But the grand prize winner was Erin McGarvey. She turned $10 into $567 in school supplies.

But the biggest winner of the day is the Boys and Girls Club of Richmond. All of the collected supplies will go to them, plus an extra $1,000 donated by Kroger.

"The clubs are strategically placed where they're needed the most. The kids will use them for their homework," said William Morris with Boy's and Girl's Club of Metro Richmond.

All together, this group of 16 bought more than $3,000 of school supplies that will serve nine Boy's and Girl's clubs in Richmond. If you want to the detailed results from the back to school challenge, click here.

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