New video and stories of earthquake recovery

LOUISA, VA (WWBT) – Thursday will be another day of clean up in Louisa and other local communities hit hard by the Tuesday's 5.8 quake. Many residents and county officials told NBC12 they're still trying to figure where to go from here.

The best word to describe what our crews saw all evening is resilience. The people of Louisa aren't used to this kind of natural disaster, but still Wednesday night they told us about all they've been through and vowed to move forward.

It is now business as usual at her Gulf Express store, but for us Marea Alessi relived the 5.8 magnitude earthquake by looking at surveillance footage. It is difficult to watch.

"Everything start shaking," she recalled. "People outside they just don't know what it is."

You can see Marea's feet in the video. She's frozen in place as the world around her rumbles.

"Everything fall off, the beers and the stuff over here," she described.

One move in the wrong direction and she could be hit, but still she considers herself luckier than neighboring stores.

"The lights just go off for a few minutes and we able to stay open," she said.

They think it's going to cost about $10,000 to fix all the minor damage but amazingly the building itself hasn't been compromised.

Closer to the earthquake's epicenter in Mineral, Ray Badgett isn't sure the home he and his wife built back in 1954 fared as well.

"We just felt the shock and everything," he explained. "The house just shook. Everything just rattled and the furniture moved all in the house."

You can see from the space between the cement steps and the siding, the entire house shifted inches.

The Badgett's insurance doesn't cover earthquakes but he vows to pick up the pieces of the fallen chimney, patch cracks and replace dishes. Mother Nature will not beat this 86-year-old.

"Gonna come and fix all this stuff up," he pledged.

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