Governor urges help for earthquake victims

MINERAL, VA (WWBT) - In this tiny, one-stoplight town, it feels busier than mid-town Manhattan this week, and repairs continue. Mostly it's for brick chimneys, glass, or cracked plaster. But elsewhere, it's a stickier problem.

In Miller's Market, for example, you could see the groceries on the floor Wednesday morning. Same for the soft drinks. To walk here is very difficult; your feet get stuck to the tiles.

"It's just devastating. It's bad. It's really bad," said Ann Nicklis.

Ann Nicklis works at the market, and she gets emotional when she hears about people wanting to help.

"It's the way I feel. Just, everybody is so good," she said.

The market was closed for most of Wednesday, but it opened, however briefly, for Governor Bob McDonnell and Congressman Eric Cantor...who heard enough to make this promise during their tour of the town:

"I've made the pledge to the people in Louisa and Mineral that we're gonna do everything we can at the state level to provide relief that's necessary," McDonnell said.

Public buildings and resources can potentially be reimbursed with taxpayer dollars, eventually. Private homes and businesses are another story. So the leaders are encouraging private donations, as well.

"We pull together, we are can-do people, and we'll get through this," Cantor said.

Whatever happens from here, Ann is thankful. But she knows the help will take time.

"We really can't do anything, except wait," Ann said.

Cantor -by the way- was in Jerusalem Tuesday and cut short that official visit.

We learned after the April tornadoes that the government won't quickly cut a check when there's a natural disaster. Certain benchmarks must be met and it will take weeks to determine the extent of the damage in Mineral.

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