Richmond Police on look-out for stolen custom orange 350z

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A local business owner says someone broke into his shop and stole a 350 Z-series, doing tens of thousands of dollars in damage along the way.

The car is worth about $60,000 and was stolen from RPM Superstore on West Broad Street. Kyler Calera is an owner there and says the suspects came in through a smashed door on the side of the building.

"Basically, the 350Z was parked in the corner. They hit the Maserati and they hit the mini cooper on the way out," said Calera.

The culprits escaped with the 350Z and an Expedition. On the way out, they damaged a mini-cooper and a $150,000 Maserati belonging to a pro basketball player.

"That's brave," said Kyler. "That's really brave, you know, to do that. The main thing of it is that they smashed the cars up on the way out!"

Plus, Calera says spotting that custom car, shouldn't be tough.

"They will get caught," he added. "They will get caught. It's impossible to get something that's that customized, a beautiful car like that."

Police found the Expedition on I-95 Southbound near exit 78, missing the front deck and two TV sets.

RPM mechanics in the process of changing the transmission fluid in the Expedition when it was taken. They suspect the car was probably abandoned because it broke down. Calera says what hurts more than the extensive damage caused by whomever did this, is what they took.

The expedition was owned by Mikel Jones, a co-owner of RPM who died from lung cancer about a year ago.

"It hurts our hearts," said Calera. "Somebody that comes and just destroy his vehicle like that? It was a very important part of RPM."

And that memory, he says, they can't easily get back: "We fight and we work hard every day in his name."

If you see the orange custom 350Z, call police. RPM is offering a $1,000 reward to anyone able to help them find who took it.

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