New flying rules take effect Tuesday morning

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT)-The airline industry has new rules to follow and the changes benefit passengers. Some of these changes could put cash back in your pocket if airlines screw up!

Effective Tuesday morning, airlines will have to pay you up to four times what your ticket is worth if they bump you off the flight. It's just one of the new rules to protect air travelers.

Another rule allows you to get off the plane if you've been sitting on the tarmac for up to four hours.

Airlines will also now have to reimburse you your checked bag fee if they lose your bag permanently.

Airlines websites must now disclose all additional fees, including for baggage, meals and cancellations.

And when it comes to international flights, when passengers sit on the tarmac for more than four hours, the airline faces fines of $27,500 per passenger which could mean more than $10 million on a fully-loaded jet.

The new rules are designed so that the airline will want to follow them to avoid high financial consequences, and that's good news for travelers.

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