Airlines making preparations for Hurricane Irene

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The top guy at the airport tells us, right now, they're monitoring the storm's movements.

As far as changes or cancellations to flight schedules, none of the major airlines have made any announcements yet. But Richmond International Airport is on twitter...sending tweets reminding those planning to fly, to check their flights, in advance.

Travelers waiting to fly out of Richmond are worried, after hearing reports of major flooding and more than a million people left without power in Puerto Rico. Hurricane Irene is expected to make a strong performance as it tracks toward Florida and South Carolina.

Two friends leaving Richmond for Florida are worried.

"My parents just told me. We are on vacation in Richmond and they are worried about us going back down there because of the Hurricane. We wanted to extend our trip but we have to work, so we might have to come back up to Richmond this weekend. I don't know," said Kathryn Mauck.

"Yea, going to Jacksonville and getting stuck there. I don't want to be stuck there when its hurricane season, definitely not," Rajesh Jain added.

Of course, in addition to the airport, individual airlines are also monitoring the weather and tracking the hurricane's path. They want to announce any changes ASAP.

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