Woman's car window shattered by vandals days after replacing it

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A Richmond woman calls NBC12 after vandals strike for a second time at her house in one week.

Just one week ago, this was Deborah Driver and her car -- the back windows shattered. No sooner did she get it fixed, but it's happened again -- and neighbors said homes are also being targeted!

Police don't believe Driver is being targeted. Driver is now, not only fed up, but defeated.

"I can't stay up all night trying to watch this, I can't do it," said Driver.

She walked out to this on her way to work - her replacement window she paid $200 for, in pieces! A repeat of last Sunday when two other cars on Ford Avenue were hit. This time, Driver said she heard a thump the night before and found a rock on her back patio.

Driver said she saw a few children in the alley up to no good.

"I said I'm going to call the police and the other was trying to dump over the trash can and said 'just call the police then' that's what they said," said Driver.

Driver suspects the same kids retaliated.

"I'm sure it was the same little guys I saw in the alley who came back after I went to bed and did this," said Driver.

Driver said what typically takes 7 minutes will now be an hour and a half. She doesn't have the money to fix her car so now she's going to hop the bus to work.

"I might not get another car for 6 months until the police step up and do whatever they need to do to try to correct this situation. They know it's kids and they know where it's coming from," said Driver.

Police said they've been dealing with vandalism throughout the neighborhood for a while.

Alfred Penn said it's been non-stop for five months.

"(The windows are smashed?), Yeah they just recently did this last week," said Penn.

Penn said that's why the house next door is boarded up.

"They broke in the house took a washing machine, a dryer, they also took a refrigerator," said Penn.

He said he now watches over his elderly neighbors by riding his bike late at night.

"We want our community to be a productive community with civilized people," said Penn.

Police said they want to hear about any suspicious behavior. And if you know who did this, call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000. You don't have to leave your name.

Police tell us they are putting extra patrols in the neighborhood, but the challenge is catching the vandals in the act.

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