Guilty verdict in Reed case

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A Chesterfield mom convicted of bringing a gun to a school bus stop will spend additional time behind bars. On Monday, a judge found 33-year-old Shiquita Reed guilty of disorderly conduct-- in a separate school bus incident.

During her trial Reed stood quietly in front of the judge while being sentenced to 12 months, all but 9 months suspended. She was fined $2500 which $1000 was suspended.

Reed was also banned from all school property in Chesterfield, as part of her sentence, and she's not to be within 500 feet of a stopped school bus.

Reed's sister says that's too much.

Toni Thompson: "It wasn't fair to me - the testimony didn't add up to what happened."
Nicole Bell: "You think the outcome was too harsh?"
Toni Thompson:  "Yeah, it was more than it should have been."

The charge stems from an incident that happened back in May.

Police say Reed was mad about her 14-year-old daughter being bullied on the school bus.

In court, the bus driver testified that Reed used her SUV to block his bus from moving and that she got out of her vehicle and began yelling and cursing.

The day before Reed brought a gun to the same bus stop and flashed it in front of students. She was sentenced to 2 years in June for that crime.

"They made it out more than what it actually was. It was a small thing that blew up unnecessary," said Thompson.

Before handing down a sentence the judge called Reed's behavior and criminal record, "scary." She added, "I hope this isn't a lesson you're passing onto your daughter."

Thomspon says her sister will appeal today's outcome. Reed is being held at Riverside Regional Jail.

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