New airline rules start this week

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Starting next week airlines will have to pay you to bump you off the flight.

That's just one of new rules going into effect to make flying a little easier.

Airlines also won't be allowed to keep you on the tarmac for more than four hours.

These might be small consolations, but many travelers say they'll take whatever they can get.

Tom Simon knows flying isn't as glamorous as it once was.

"Flying is inconvenient. And only more inconvenient it seems every year," he said. "You hope there's another flight out six hours later or whatever."

New rules by the Department of Transportation should ease Tom's pain.

Starting Tuesday, airlines will have to pay you up to four times what your ticket is worth if they bump you off the flight.

"Sure they should be compensated, it's not their fault," he said. "They paid the same money as anybody else."

One of the other rules going into effect this week requires airlines to let you get off the plane during international flights if you've been sitting on the tarmac for up to four hours.

Judy O'Brien has been stuck on a plane, waiting to take off before.

"It's very unpleasant," O'Brien said. "You're tired, you frequently are thirsty, delayed service. It gets uncomfortable, sometimes the air isn't great and it just delays what is already a long trip."

She says she's glad there will at least be a limit to how long she's sitting on the plane, but she thinks the four hour limit isn't enough.

"Four hours is a long time," she said. "Four hours is a very, very long time considering you can go from the East Coast to Europe in approximately five hours, it's really almost the length of the trip."

Airlines will have to reimburse you for your checked bag fee if they lose your bag permanently.

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