Democratic Party releases negative video on McDonnell

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Democratic Party of Virginia is attempting to paint a different picture of the employment situation in the state.

Governor Bob McDonnell has touted his record of job creation and his ability to balance the budget, despite a weak economy and no tax increases.

This month, state democrats released a slick web ad where they re-named Governor McDonnell "Governor McGimmick."

They also released a statement where they accused his administration of all press releases and no substance.

Here's what the statement says: "Despite the governor's slick photo-ops and self congratulatory press releases, the reality is we have made no progress on jobs since he took office."

Is that true? Has the governor not made any progress on jobs?

According to the reporters of Politifact Virginia, that statement is "false." The democrats are basing their claim on one statistic.

The working age population with a job was the same in June as it was when McDonnell took office.

That is true, but it is only one measure, and perhaps not the most important. Two other valuable statistics argue a different point.

The state has added almost 50,000 jobs and the unemployment rate has dropped.

According to Politifact Virginia's Danny Finnegan, those facts are hard to argue with.

"If you look at the numbers for Jan 2010-June of 2011, the state has added about 50,000 jobs, not a great number but there has been some progress there to say no progress wouldn't work," Finnegan said.

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