Larger recycling carts now available in central Virginia

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Helping central Virginia go green just got a little easier. You can now get a larger cart for curbside recycling.

A 96-gallon cart is four times bigger than the typical recycling bin and it's easy to wheel right out to the curb.

Carol Mackey lives in the Ashcreek area and was one of the key people who helped get curbside recycling as an option in Hanover County a few years ago.

The self-proclaimed recycling advocate is excited about this new cart option.

"I'm so excited about this; I have a family of four, so our little containers we fill up quite frequently, and we do have other containers we've used, but having this is going to be quite wonderful because now we can roll it up here and all this additional space, so yes, I'm very much looking forward to this," she said.

The new, bigger cart is now available to all curbside recycling customers of the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority.

CVWMA serves most of the cities and counties in central Virginia and the Town of Ashland.

Vice chair Steve Chidsey says this new option will help save the environment by encouraging people to recycle more.

"In other places around the country, it has significantly increased the amount of recyclables per household," Chidsey said. "Central Virginia has a 55.5 percent recycling rate for the entire region; residential recycling makes up a large portion of that, and we hope this new program will help increase that portion."

The carts are available for a one-time $65 user fee. After you pay that, you'll just be charged your normal recycling fees.

If you don't want a cart, you can just keep recycling with your current containers. This new option is all about convenience.

"This allows people to cover their materials, to mix in all their materials and be a little more convenient for the citizens who want to purchase one," Chidsey said. "You can make that trip one time to the curb instead of four times if you have that much material."

If you decide to order a new cart you'll have it delivered to your home within two to three weeks.

For more information on recycling options, you can call the recycling hotline at 340-0900 or

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