Bakery expects to reopen Saturday after car crash

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – A popular Henrico bakery store will be able to reopen after a driver slammed her car right into it.

Managers at the Wonder Bread Bakery Outlet on Staples Mill Road said they expect to be able to reopen Saturday. As for the driver of the car, Henrico Police have charged her with reckless driving after causing quite a scare.

Wonder Bread employees were shocked to find an emergency scene as police say a 66-year-old driver got confused in the parking lot, stepped on the gas instead of the brake and careened her car through the glass storefront.  It literally ended up inside the bakery outlet.

Customers coming for dinner's baked goods were concerned about the workers they've come to know at the Henrico institution.

"First thing, I was hoping everybody was alright and I know the girls that work there were probably standing right where that car is," said Jane Stout.

The one employee and customer there at the time would have been, if it weren't for some good timing.

That employee had gone to the back of the store to get something for the customer when the car came smashing through.  She told NBC12 otherwise they'd be at the front of the store and that product request is the only thing that saved them.

Oddly enough, it is a familiar scenario for the workers at this store.

That same employee had been inside years ago when another car came crashing through the glass.  That time she was bumped by the vehicle, but not hurt. Henrico police explained this kind of incident is not uncommon.

"We always try to tell stores when they're constructing them to put the curbs in front and that type of thing to try to protect it but a lot of times it's not really going to stop it," said Lt. Doug Perry.

Building inspectors have deemed the shop structurally sound. After repairs, it should reopen Saturday.

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