Two men indicted in store clerk's murder

Robert Rush
Robert Rush

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - 53-year-old Robert Rush was gunned down more than six years ago at the Uppy's Exxon at the corner of Brook Road and Azalea Avenue.

The case stunned our community and was even featured on America's Most Wanted several times.

Tonight, two men are behind bars, charged with murder.

This crime is eligible for the death penalty under federal law, but the US attorney's office says they haven't made a decision just yet.

It was a crime that shocked North Richmond -- And is still vivid in many memories six years later. A senseless murder at the Uppy's Exxon on the corner of Azalea and Brook Roads.

"The whole vibe of this area changed because as we understood, the gentleman gave him what they asked for but they killed him anyway," said Arlana Smith.

53-year-old Robert Rush was known as pops to everyone in the area.

"Yeah he was a nice guy," said Gevonda Winston. "He was always smiling."

His family says he knew the dangers of the nightshift, but loved people.

Mary Lowery manages the coin laundry next door.

"Yeah I knew pops," said Lowery. "He was a superman. He was a good father, a good grandfather. He was just one really mellow fellow and he didn't deserve what happened to him."

It was midnight May 4, 2005. The feds says 27-year-old Stephen White waited outside for the customers to leave.

He approaches pops, while his accomplice, Anthony Jenkins goes to the back and pulls out two cases of icehouse.

Pops was in the store on the phone. The robbers took the phone out of his hand, hung it up and demanded cash. He gave it to them. They took the money and took his life as well. Shooting him in the neck as they ran out of the store.

Pops managed to pull the silent alarm before collapsing on the floor and bleeding to death.

When he got robbed, I couldn't believe it," said Gwen Drake Crews.

The feds have pinned Stephen White as the triggerman. They have his prints on the telephone. They say 35-year-old William Langley was an accomplice.

Rachel: "They've indicted them. They're going to stand trial."
Mary Lowery: "I just hope that the family has closure and that they're at peace. That's the most. They deserve peace."

Anthony Jenkins has already pleaded guilty to the robbery and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

No trial date has been set for White or Langley.

And again, no decision yet on whether prosecutors will seek the death penalty.

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