Henrico GOP reveals details of heated meeting that ousted Geary

HENRICO (WWBT) - The members of Henrico County's Republican Committee are speaking out, defending their decision to withdraw their support of Matt Geary, their original pick for the job.

The meeting that led to Geary losing their support was supposed to be private, but GOP Executive Committee leaders have decided to break their silence, in part because of Geary's decision to continue his campaign.

Geary calls their version of the meeting "fiction".

Anne Kellum claims that at one time she was an early and enthusiastic supporter of Matt Geary.

"I thought that he was going to be a real rock star in our party," she said.

But Kellum's impression of Geary changed last Monday night, when party leaders called their candidate in to ask question about an extra-marital affair that had gone public.

"His interaction with us during the time he was with us was alarming," Kellum said.

Kellum took notes in the meeting and authored a four page, blow by blow account of the event, which they now refer to as the "explosion and implosion of Matt Geary."

The document has been endorsed by the entire 12 person Henrico County Executive Committee and recalls an angry and volatile candidate.

It describes him being held back by his then campaign manager where quote: "His fists were clinched, and his entire body language sent the message that he would explode at any minute."

Geary, who had no idea the document even existed until we asked him about it, had a very strong reaction.

"That is ludicrous;" he said "That is the word for it."

The candidate claims the meeting had one goal, to push him out.

"The meeting itself, was a sham, it just was," said Geary.

And Geary believes that no matter what,

"The only way I am not the republican nominee is if they somehow if they force to me to quit."

He is in the race until the end.

And you can read the entire account from the Henrico Executive Committee and see Matt Geary's entire interview, on our political blog, DecisionVirginia.com.

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