Richmond woman says vandals smashed her car window

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A rude awakening for some people in one Richmond neighborhood who found their car windows smashed in. It happened overnight on Ford Avenue between Hildreth and Sussex streets near Fairfield Way.

It's safe to say Deborah Driver is fed up! She lives in Eastview, an older Richmond community, home to many elderly. Driver said she has better things to do than clean up after vandals.

Driver lifted sopping wet towels from the morning rain to reveal the damage to her Chevy Cavalier.

"I put these over like I said because ooh," said Driver.

The entire back window is shattered. Glass covered her backseat and floorboard.

"It was just a hole at first but when I moved it to the back and when I brought it to the back the window just caved in," said Driver.

She said it was parked out front on Ford Avenue like usual on Saturday. Just after midnight Sunday, her friend called her with the bad news.

"He said looks like someone either shot your window or threw a brick through it," said Driver.

Driver said she hopped out of bed, and quickly realized her car wasn't the only one given the same treatment.

She pointed us to her elderly neighbor's car three doors down and  a half block away, a third car with damage covered by a tarp.

"Cars are not the only thing. They've been throwing bricks through windows," said Driver.

Driver said an officer took her name and number. Police tell us a detective will soon follow up. The only thing driver can do now is wait for costly repairs.

"Big inconvenience I couldn't go to church this morning. Right now this is my only means of transportation so this is something else I got to take care of," said Driver.

She has this message for the culprits.

"Make something else out of yourself besides doing this to us people who we're trying to make as it is," said Driver.

Police tell us in these types of crimes, they'll look for patterns. If you can help detectives, call Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.

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