UPDATE: Remembrance ceremony at Virginia War Memorial for killed SEALs

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – This morning, a small, but powerful group, showed up at the Virginia War Memorial to pray for the 22 members of the Seal Team Six that died in Afghanistan in that helicopter attack last weekend.

This is all a part of Gov. Bob McDonnell's plea to you, to take some time out of your day to remember our fallen heroes. He has also declared this a Day of Remembrance in Virginia.

The state flag at the War Memorial is flying at half staff. It served as a backdrop for the people that came out early this morning at 6:22am to remember our fallen heroes from that helicopter attack in Afghanistan last weekend.

With the sun rising, reflecting off the walls of the War Memorial, a small group of people gathered in prayer -- all with heavy hearts.

"Small, but wonderful," says Ross Girardi. He was one of the first to show up this morning. He led the prayer this morning, after a group stood together for about 22 minutes to remember the 22 members of Seal Team Six that died last weekend.

"Everybody gave some. Some gave more. And some gave all. This group gave all. It's hard not to have tears these days," says Ross.

Just after those tearful moments, a military helicopter flew overhead, a sign of irony in the midst of this supportive outpouring.

"I just hope at the end of the day, these guys lives will be celebrated more than mourned," says Tommy Streat. He helped organize this event.

Over at the State Capitol -- the flags were too--- flying at half staff. Governor Bob McDonnell wanting people to remember the lives lost in this attack, ordering all state flags to fly at half staff and to encourage you to do something like Tommy Streat and this group did.

"I appreciate what we have and it makes me feel grateful for the individuals that are here willing to come out really early and do something for someone else," says Streat.

As the sun faded away behind the clouds toward heaven after the ceremony, the eternal flame on the ground burns forever to remember those who lost their lives for our freedom.

You can donate to the Military Service Charities by going to All Access on our web site.

Also, the War Memorial will soon be using a blank wall now to etch the names of the fallen Virginian solider's who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the War on Terror from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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