Health clinic catches problems early

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Just because you feel healthy doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't a lurking problem that could lead to trouble. Today a Henrico health clinic took their operations outside, to help find health issues before they get serious.

Things like high blood pressure and abnormal blood sugar levels can often go unnoticed, and for people that don't get to the doctor very often, not attending to the growing issue could lead to a hospital stay or something even worse.

They are often called silent killers. Problems that slowly build up in your body, but don't reveal any symptoms. It is one of the reasons it is important to be checked out by your doctor on a regular basis.

"We can catch things a lot long before they get serious. Knowing is half the battle," said Dr. Hope Haffizulla with Capital Area Health Network.

But for many people without health insurance, a visit to the doctor, especially when you aren't visibly sick, is an expensive and seemingly unnecessary proposition.

"13% of all Virginians are uninsured or underinsured. Centers like this, we gladly accept them as patients regardless of their ability to pay," Tracy Causey with Capital Area Health Network said.

The Capital Area Health Network set up shop outside of their eastern Henrico clinic, offering blood pressure checks, basic health screenings, and even dental evaluations. All for free. The goal was to encourage people to develop a habit of keeping track of their health.

"We walk around many times with abnormal blood pressures. High blood pressure is a silent killer and we don't know until we see the numbers," said Haffizulla.

And if patients see how simple the process can be, then perhaps they will make seeing a doctor a regular practice. Something that is guaranteed to make their lives better.

"We know that if we can intervene faster than we can prevent serious health and people can live longer," Haffizulla added.

And many people took advantage of the free opportunity. 312 patients total took part with 160 receiving dental care.

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