Viewer questions lifetime warranty policy

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – What happens to a 'lifetime' warranty, when the auto dealer is bought out? Customers who purchased cars under the 'Victory for Life' campaign are now finding out, 'life' has no guarantees.

Harry Deutsch bought his Altima in 2009, motivated by a Victory Nissan for Life ad campaign which he believes enticed others to buy.

"Oh, it was excellent. Everybody was doing it. It was part of the deal, I bought the car," Harry said.

Until now, his oil changes and state inspections were seamless transactions.

"I've done 5 so far and they were all as stated, free," he said.

Those assurances stopped when Victory Nissan of Richmond was recently sold to Sheehy Auto Stores. Victory for Life is a lifetime warranty unless the company goes out of business.

"They walked away from their obligation. It's like somebody who owes money for bills and liabilities and they just walked away. They are not going to honor the promises made to me and many thousands of other people," Harry said.

I called Nissan Corporate and was told: the promotion ended a longtime ago and Nissan did give free services to people who bought cars under that campaign ... It was a benefit to those buying cars from us.  But, now that the business is sold, 'it puts the whole program to bed'.

Sheehy has no obligation to honor the promise.

"My issue is with Victory and not with the current owners," Harry explained. "There are thousands of people between the two dealerships in Mechanicsville and in Short Pump affected by this issue. They will find out as they bring in their car for service."

Complaint calls have already started. Sheehy says it spent a few thousand dollars already providing free services and has decided to give a free oil change to all customers who purchased a Nissan from the prior dealer, until October 1st. For those with written oil change agreements with the prior dealer, for now, Sheehy will provide them with oil changes if they complied with the terms.

The statement does not mention state inspections. But for those who want to continue lifetime car services, Sheehy has made arrangements with Victory Nissan customers to buy Sheehy's warranty package -- at a discounted rate. It says, it values those customers and wants to keep them as customers.

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