Thieves targeting homes in North Richmond

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – A crime alert out of north Richmond, where thieves are breaking into homes in Brookland and Ginter Parks. Richmond police say there have been 14 burglaries in less than two weeks.

These crimes are happening at night and even during the day, and police warn the thieves are not just targeting vacant houses...they've also been watching for people leaving for work in the morning. You drive off around 8 a.m., they break-in.

Bikes, cameras, TV's, computers, cell phones, even air conditioning units. Lately thieves have been casing neighborhoods in north Richmond, looking for easy marks.

They've broken into unlooked doors, windows, even through the garages. We ran into Charlene Jefferson as she was catching the bus. She says her neighborhood is on definitely on alert.

"A home behind me was broken into. Two across the street from me was broken into. Another home maybe a block and a half from me had the air conditioner unit stolen from the outside," she said.

Mary Redwood-White is also keeping watch.

"I look out for people that look out for me. I do what I can for them," said Mary.

These are working class neighborhoods, which is exactly what the thieves are seem to be left empty all morning long.

"You shouldn't be afraid or have concerns about leaving your home for a couple hours. You want to feel like you can come back and everything is going to be intact. Safe," said Charlene.

Keep an eye out in your neighborhood. Look for strangers strolling through or a car parked slowly driving up the alleys. If you see something suspicious going on in your neighborhood, or have information on prior break-ins that could help police, call Crimes Stoppers at 780-1000.

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