PartnerMD curing with concierge medicine

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Markel Corporation just bought a concierge medical group based in Richmond called PartnerMD. Concierge medicine is a new trend where you don't have to wait to see the doctor and can even call them on their cell phones.

Client Chris Rice not only gets his annual physicals at PartnerMD, he's counseled on diet and exercise through a wellness program.

"I've never had to wait here at PartnerMD and there's never been much involvement in paperwork," said Rice.

PartnerMD offers what's called concierge medicine. While traditional doctors might have 2,000 to 4,000 patients, these docs don't even have 600 each.

"Here our patients have a guaranteed 30-minute appointment time and that's their slot and we will see you on time," explained co-founder Dr. James Mumper.

"We make time to get to know our patients, we hear and understand their stories, we have time to work together to develop a comprehensive care plan," added Dr. Leon Spiers.

The doctors will go with you to see a specialist. "It's nice to have someone who knows you really well there and has a medical background and asks all the right questions," said Mumper.

And when you're out of town, they'll find a doctor near you.

If you have a medical emergency and you're not able to come to the office, you can actually call these doctors on their personal cell phones. They'll hop in their car and come to you.

PartnerMD accepts most insurance plans, but there is an annual membership fee of $1,900 for an individual. Spouses and children have smaller fees.

"For basically the price of cable and internet, you can have a membership at PartnerMD," said Dr. Mumper.

Rice says the price is worth getting the personal attention. "I've had some family emergencies after hours and on the weekend, and I've actually called Dr. Mumper 's cell phone and he's responded right away."

PartnerMD has a total of 4,000 patients throughout their offices in Richmond, Midlothian, and McLean.

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