Massive fire at Petersburg shopping center

PETERSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Investigators were back out at the scene of a business fire in Petersburg that left four businesses damaged. It happened around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday in the 3300 block of South Crater Road.

Investigators do not think the fire is suspicious.

We caught up with one of the owners of the Beauty World, where investigators believe the fire started.

An up close look at the fire -- shows just charred wood -- and hair products that went up in flames here at the beauty world.

This morning, we talked with one of the owners of the store. She says the store was not open on Sunday when the fire started. She was busy all day making phone calls -- trying to get things back to normal -- as best she can.

Meanwhile, loyal customers here are left to wonder what happened. "I'm thinking where am I going to get my hair products now. I have to go somewhere else. Yeah - it's a shocker," says Adreila Harris.

Fire investigators were on scene until midnight last night and they were back out there early this morning.

Crews are spending a lot of time inside the Beauty World -- in the back of the store -- where investigators believe the fire started. "Right now, they are back there going through all the debris," says Joanne Williams with the City of Petersburg.

That's taking some time. "They are being real careful and they don't want to displace anything that could be evidence," adds Williams.

That's especially time consuming when you hear how intense this fire was. "When they arrived here on scene there was a tremendous amount of smoke and fire coming out of the beauty world," says Williams.

The fire was contained to just the Beauty World. But three businesses nearby are dealing with smoke damage today. We're learning someone inside the Dollar Tree -- which was open --- called 911. But an alarm also went off inside the closed beauty world -- alerting crews to the fire.

The power was cut off to the three businesses surrounding the Beauty World last night. But, as of this morning, the power was back on in those buildings.

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