Cuccinelli "not thinking" about 2013

RICHMOND (WWBT) - He is a lightning rod who draws strong opinions from people who like and dislike him.

This week Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was the subject of a poll that shows him in a strong position if he decided to run for the republican nomination for governor of Virginia. The question is, will he run?

"Are you even thinking about 2103?" I asked, during a one on one interview on Friday.

"No," Cuccinelli replied. "That is the short answer, no"

No, Ken Cuccinelli is not as worried as the rest of the Virginia political class when it comes to what he will run for in 2013. But that doesn't mean he has ruled anything out

The Attorney General is darling of the right wing. He is praised for his aggressive confrontation of the Obama administration over the new health care law and his crusade for many other conservative causes.

Given my affinity for first principles, the timing of my arrival (in the Attorney General's office) has been quite fortuitist," he said.

The question is, would governor be the next logical step-- even though there is a clear political obstacle? Lt Governor Bill Bolling is a man who already stepped aside once to allow Bob McDonnell to run for the state's top job. A recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling from North Carolina, shows Cuccinelli leading Bolling in a hypothetical GOP primary 45-21.

Bolling and Cuccinelli were once political partners running together in 2009. Today they are partners in government, and 2013 is not something that ever comes up.

"We don't talk about that subject," Cuccinelli said. "But we talk about a lot of other things."

And just because he could run and perhaps win a race for the GOP nomination, doesn't mean he will. For Cuccinelli his goals have little to do with winning campaigns.

"I have goals, I have always had for 10 years, policy goals," he said. "Where are they best achieved?"

Lt Governor Bill Bolling's spokesperson Ibbie Hendrick released the following statement:

'The lieutenant governor has made no secret about the fact that he intends to run for governor and he looks forward to running on a united ticket with Ken Cuccinelli, just like Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling did in 2009. That would be our strongest ticket and a winning ticket."

You can see an extended clip from my conversation with Ken Cuccinelli on our political blog,

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