Sales tax holiday rush

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – If you have been putting off your back-to-school shopping now may be the time to give in. A combination of no sales tax, and deep discounts, could make this the cheapest weekend of the year to shop.

It is hard for Brian Lee to keep track of all the different things his children need for the new school year.

"Each year it goes different, from the plastic bags to the composition books, to the crayons, it just becomes more and more," Lee said.

With a mounting list, and a wallet that isn't growing at the same rate Brian knew that this weekend was an opportunity he could not pass up.

"Everything is tight right now in the economy. But you got to make the best of it," he said.

And even though times are tough, most kids don't seem to care. LaJune Davidson welcomed the little bit of savings to keep her daughters up the times.

"Because I have two, and they think they are fashionistas," said Davidson.

Yvonne Marion is librarian and a grandmother. Back to school season is one of her busiest of the year.

"I waited especially for this day because I wanted to save my money," she said.

She counted her items - making sure to keep school supply purchases under $20 per item and clothing purchases under $100. Keeping careful track allowed her to fill her cart for much less.

"Saving taxes means saving money and I can buy more," said Marion.

A sentiment that will make state officials and local retailers very happy.  The sales tax holiday only runs from Friday through Sunday. In addition to the 5% in savings, many retailers are also running sales.

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