Virginia Tech students respond to incident on campus

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – It seems most people NBC12 talked to with any connection to Virginia Tech are taking comfort in the fact that  given their history, responses like the one we saw on the Blacksburg campus Thursday have become the new norm.

According to an email that flashed on his phone, at 9:37 this morning a gunman was possibly loose on the Virginia Tech campus where Dan Goff was headed. He found out the building he was supposed to go to was now on lockdown.

"I was I think naturally a little tense," he said. "I wasn't here for April 16th but it's in the back of everybody's mind."

He wasn't far from Dietrick Hall where the original sighting was reported. He passed almost a dozen police cars.

"As I was driving in front of the football stadium one of the sheriff's deputies that was passing me in the opposite direction just sort of slowed down to check me out for a minute as I was driving by," Goff recalled.

The consistent updates throughout the day may have been scary to some, but to Goff it was reassuring.

"I was a little tense," he said. "I wasn't too concerned because it sounded like the police were on top of it."

Amanda Harper thought that from more than 200 miles away as she prepared her son Timothy to leave for his first semester at Tech. She had already downloaded the alerts shortcut on her own computer.

"I actually feel it's probably a safer environment than most schools because they've had the experience unfortunately but they've had the chance to learn from that," she explained.

Timothy leaves for school in about ten days and despite today's events, he can't wait.

"It's not just police that are looking out," he told us. "It's on campus everyone is watching out for the safety of others. So I feel very safe going there."

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