Dominion crews replacing transformers to meet demand

MECHANICSVILLE, VA (WWBT) - One of the first of nearly 400 transformers is now in place here in the Richmond area. This is all part of a statewide initiative to replace aging transformers.

John Uzzle watches from his own front lawn, as Dominion crews kick off a massive restoration project. "I'm glad to see they are being proactive instead of reactive."

Bright and early this morning, crews started the process of replacing an aging transformer. Dominion is throwing about 20 million dollars toward upgrading these transformers. More than 2,000 will be replaced statewide, nearly 400 here in the Richmond area.

That's especially important to customers like John on days like this. "Keep your AC running when it's hot."

Remember, just two weeks ago when we reached triple-digit heat, customers helped Dominion set an all-time one day record for power usage in Virginia.

The old transformers simply can't handle the power load people like John put out these days.

"With all of the electronics we're putting in our homes, we want to make sure we get to them on a planned basis before they go out," says Rodney Blevins. Blevins, with Dominion, says some of the transformers used now are 20 years old.

Others like those in the Fan and Museum District are much older than that. That's how dominion leaders strategically picked which transformers needed an upgrade.

"Hopefully its peace of mind for our customers. It's definitely peace of mind for us," says Rodney.

The work here in Richmond is expected to wrap up in November, but the work will continue statewide into next year.

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