Dog shot & killed by officer, owner speaks out

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A pit bull, seen charging at children, is shot and killed at a night out against crime event in Richmond.

Vernon Allen says he tried to scare the dog away from a group of kids when the animal attacked -- biting him several times.

"It was aggressive and he just kept coming," said Allen.

It was around 6:00 p.m. Tuesday evening when 18 month old Kiki, a 60 pound pit bull,  managed to get out of her owner's  screened porch area.

Kiki ended up at a national night out event at 37th and P streets.

Alexis Depalma says Kiki charged her and several other teens who were inside of an inflatable bounce house.

"We were like help - help - somebody get help," said Depalma.

That's when Allen grabbed a pair of garden shears.

"I went over and hit the dog and tried to run it off and it attacked me," said Allen.

Allen was bitten seven times on his hands and arms.

As he struggled with the dog an off-duty sheriff's deputy and a retired New York police officer fired shots in the air to scare the dog.

Kiki took off, but returned moments later. Police then say Kiki charged at a Richmond officer -- that officer shot the dog .

Kiki is dead -- her owner devastated.

"They didn't have to shoot her 4 times," said Kiki's owner, Lakita Mckensey.

Mckensey says Kiki was a good dog.

"My dog is not vicious at all. My dog play with babies and kids," she added.

Mckensey wasn't at home when all of this happened.  She doesn't know how the dog got out of the porch area of her home or what prompted the animal to attack.

"Someone had to provoke her on my side porch," said Mckensey.

As for Allen he's happy no one else was injured.

"Sorry the dog had to be killed  but no kid was hurt and that's the main thing," said Allen.

Charges have been filed against the dog owner.

Police say an investigation into the shooting is underway.

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