Bats looking to stay cool in your home

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Usually you hear about critters coming into your home to stay warm during the winter.

But this summer has been so hot there has actually been a spike in bats coming into people's homes to stay cool.

Last month was one of the hottest July's ever recorded in Virginia.

It's not unusual for bats to be in people's home this time of year but exterminators said they usually don't see this many, this late in the summer.

Exterminators like Keith Kopi have had a busy summer.

"We're actually hoping it slows down a bit," Kopi said.  "We could use a bit of a break. It's hectic. When it's hot, it's even more so. As I'm sure you've seen, it's a lot of up and down ladders, it's a lot of time spending up on roofs."

He spent much of the afternoon sealing off small spaces where bats have been entering a home on Richmond's North Side.

Jobs like this have become routine for Kopi. The soaring temperatures have led to soaring numbers of calls for help with bats.

"There's been a lot of bat activity," he said.  "There's always a lot of bat activity in the summertime in Richmond. For whatever reason, we get a lot of bats that want to move from the hot attics to the cooler parts of the house."

The family that lives there had to briefly move out while everyone got vaccinated for rabies as a precaution.

Bats typically migrate to the indoors in June after they give birth, but they moved indoors a little later this year.

August is usually when bat problems start to settle down, but Kopi said that has not been the case at all this year.

"Usually by now they're tapering off and we're getting less and less and less calls for bats," he said.  "But not always. You never know with this business. It's very unpredictable."

Soon it might not just be the bats looking to move in with you.

Exterminators say the relatively mild winter we had this year could mean a huge spike in the number of squirrels this fall.

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