Virginia Capitol Square green project nearly complete

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- Capitol Square is going green. A year long project to stop polluting the river every time it rains is nearly complete and you can do similar things at your own home.

Many of us enjoy heading down to the river on a warm summer day and it's a good bet you'd like it if the river wasn't polluted.

That's where months of work in and around the State Capitol comes into play. For nearly a year, crews have been working to make the Capitol green. Not just the grass, but help save the river by controlling the storm water runoff every time it rains.

Scott Kim helped spearhead this project. "It's a test driver. An opportunity to test out what is successful and what is not as expected and if there are any problems."

Check this out. Last week crews finished the work on these seven planters.

Chris Hale, the landscape designer for the project, explains how this all works. "What we are doing here is capturing storm water and diverting it into these planters here to allow the storm water to go into the ground."

That way the water doesn't run quickly down to the James, polluting the river.

Virginia now has one of the first green Capitol's in the nation. Leaders here are working with the city to do similar work on the streets surrounding the Capitol.

"We are cutting edge in that respect and also for something we want to roll out in other areas and the City of Richmond. Here is a great opportunity for that," says Kim.

There's also an chance for you to do something similar to this at your own home, just maybe not on as large of a scale. That includes doing some research on native plants to the area that soak up water, getting the right soil, and adding pavers like the pavers at the Capitol.

If you live in Richmond, you can actually get a credit on your storm water utility fee if you do something like this.  See the links at right for more.

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