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School administrator arrested for assaulting co-worker

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – A fight at a Richmond area school leads to an arrest. But it wasn't the students fighting, it was the school administrators.

Police have arrested 64-year-old Julia Cothron and charged her with assault after a confrontation with another staffer at the Math Science Innovation Center.

A parent called us and was concerned that the director at her son's school was arrested for fighting. The criminal complaint says there was hitting, screaming and even spitting. The victim in this case says she feared bodily harm. Fighting in school will usually land students in the principal's office. But an altercation between school staff at the Math Science Innovation Center ended with one administrator in handcuffs.

This happened back in early June and now the center's executive director 64 year old Julia Cothron is facing assault charges. Despite the allegations she was all smiles in her mug shot but according to a criminal complaint, filed by school coordinator Ellen Mooradian, that day there was nothing to smile about.

She was "…intentionally hitting my arm up in my face within inches, screaming with spit coming out of her mouth onto my face," Mooradian writes in the complaint. "She also clenched both fists at me which I was visibly shaken."

We went to Cothron's home to get her side of the story but unfortunately she was not at home and her husband didn't want to talk about the allegations. We were able to reach her by phone though where she told us "This is a personnel issue at the center and I will not discuss personnel matters."

The news of her arrest alarmed parents after they saw her mug shot and assault charge on the front page of the recent Gotcha! newspaper. Neither Cothron nor her accuser had any explanation for parents about the allegations. We contacted the Commonwealth Attorney's office about these charges. They told us the assault charge is a class one misdemeanor. Cothron is scheduled to be in court on August 23rd at 9:30 am.

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