Police department honors detective with $300

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) - In order to pass on $300 this week, we had to go undercover on a top-secret mission -- to confront a man about his community activities with young people.

This guy's been on police radar for years. Top brass agree, it's time he was cited -- for his many Acts of Kindness.

Our target was detective Richard Wade, a 12-year Hopewell Police veteran.  His record: Investigations, SWAT team, bike patrol, police volunteers and police explorers.

Every week Wade puts 14-21-year-olds through the paces of police protocol .

"They get the basic law, they get handcuffing techniques, they get the self defense, they get the building searches, they learn how to do traffic stops, everything they learn in a basic police academy we try and give them a taste of it," Wade said.

"The explorers program is wonderful. Det. Wade has taken them to new heights," said LeAnne Heggen-Ecastein, the president of the  Hopewell Police Volunteers.

Confirmation from the top.  LeAnne  leads the volunteers,  Det. Wade  sponsors these seasoned pros, as well as the younger explorers.

"He builds their full self confidence, he's done a tremendous job with these kids," she said. "They're learning all sorts of character skills, they're learning family skills, they're learning how to be competent with a backbone, but with compassion."

We had our evidence that Wade is over the top.

"Because he gives himself 120 percent; his wife Kim is right there with him," she said.

We got the call: Wade was in the building. He thinks he's getting a plaque.

The plan: To ambush to the target in council chambers.

"Detective Wade, there's an all points bulletin out for Detective Wade, we are here and we're gonna have to shoot you sir," was the call.

With our loaded camera!

"You are this week's Acts of Kindness recipient. We're with channel 12," Sabrina said. "You are making a difference in this community, you are transforming lives."

"I greatly appreciate it," Wade said. "I can tell you I've been very blessed, one having a wife that allows me that time cause I know I take time from her, but I love you guys, I love you guys, I mean it's very rewarding all the way around.

"This is the Youth of America right here, to me we're in good shape."

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