Educational Editorial: Defense Department schools

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - The Defense Department has recently released a list of ratings for its schools. These are the institutions both home and abroad that serve the military children of the men and women who are defending our country.

These schools are also not to be confused with the International schools that are supported in part by the US Department of State and provide an education for the children of our diplomatic and international business community.

While the ratings addressed the adequacy of the facility, its rankings were from a high of one to a low of four.

Having worked with these schools in countries such as Germany, Panama, and Belgium, I found them to be wonderful places where young people, American young people, could feel some sense of being educated at home while living in the context of another country and culture.

The list is a shame! The focus of these schools, largely based on programs such as those in Fairfax County, is to provide a comfortable educational transition when moving from the United States to family assignments on foreign soil.

Some schools, such as those in Fort Stewart, Ga., Camp Le June and John O' Arnn in Japan had high ratings. But schools in places where I have spoken…Kaiserlautern, Wuerzburg, and Heildeberg had the poorest.

Of the 194 listed, the grades were strikingly poor. While the data reached back to 2008, it is obvious that the Department of Defense Education Agency has not been able to keep up.

While I too can criticize excessive expenses, it seems that our moral and educational responsibility to families that not only preserve our freedom, but are required to live across the world is to give their children an adequate place to go to school.

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